7 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner On A First Date

7 Questions You Can Ask Your Partner On A First Date

First date could really be awesome and interesting if both partners could pay attention to every detail about each other.

When teo people of opposite gender sit across and close to each other, each feeling so nervous and anxious, you will probably guess that they are on a first date as it will be so glaring for everyone to see that they are meeting for the very first time.

If you are on a first date, always view it as a tennis match where one player is expected to lob the ball and the other player is expected to return the lob ball.

So on a first date, make sure to be a good listener, listen to the other partner more than you talk. Balance the equation between the way you talk and the way you listen to every conversation.

While you calm down and pay attention to every details, below are the questions you can ask on a first date:

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1. What do you like about me: You are free to ask the other partner what he or she likes about you  and probably what she doesn’t like  about you so that you can be able to adjust.

2. What do you love to do most in your leisuure time: You can also ask the other partner  what he or she enjoys most during free period when less busy.

3. What’s your favourite movie: On first date, take it as an opportunity to know your partner favourite movie that is if she is the movie type.

4. What is your nickname: does the other partner has any name she’s been called by friends which is different from her real name, use the first date opportunity to ask about it.

5. What is your favourite color: You can also decide to the other partner favourite color as a way to show that you about what he or she likes.

6. What’s your favourite meal: Also try to ask the other partner her favourite food. Know the kind of food she likes.

7. What part of the world would you like to travel to if you have the opportunity: It can be fun to know where the other partner would like to visit around the world if there is chance to do so.

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