5 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last Longer

5 ways to make your marriage last longer

No one is perfect in marriage but with the total endurance from both the husband and wife, things will keep growing stronger.

As women have their own flaws, men has got their own shortcomings too. So it is when both partners come to an agreement that makes the marriage work out.

Here are 5 simple ways to make your marriage last longer.

1. Put God First

Marriage is said to be an institution that you will never graduate from. Always hand over your marriage first to God before any other thing.

Put God first before your partner. Although this might sounds strange to some but trust me, prioritizing Him doesn’t lessen your love for your spouse.

Let God be the foundation and pillar of your marriage and watch things go right.

2. Appreciate More

Always learn to appreciate the little things instead of complaining of every mistake or finding faults in your spouse attitude.

Showing gratitude can make love grow stronger and even motivate your partner to do something better next time.

3. Laugh More

Laughter is just like a medicine that helps smooth over a lot of rough edges. Try put on a laugh whenever there is argument in between you and your spouse as it will help avoid further arguments that could lead to you saying hurtful things.

Laughter helps to cool down hot temper and probably be able think well.

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4. Embrace Change Together.

I’m sure things are not the same as when you both met each other.

At first it was like rosy and exciting with new life together but as time goes on you begin to experience different changes and constant routine everyday.

Both of you must try to overcome these stage of marriage by bringing in new ideas and spices to bring more excitement.

5. Focus More On what you have in common.

You and your Spouse must have come different background with different likes and choices but there are still certain things you will probably have in common, so concentrate more on those things to make the marriage work.

When you indulge yourselves with what both of you like, you will probably enjoy every moment together.

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