5 Simple Ways To Punish A Girl When She Misbehave

ways to punish a girl when she misbehave

Don’t be surprised when a girl misbehave despite showering her with lots of gifts and love.

Ain’t saying it’s normal, but sometimes she may get overwhelmed with the constant affection and possibly get fed up with the gift items.

No one is perfect they say and also the only constant thing in life is change.

However, when you notice your girl misbehaving, here are the simple five ways to deal with her.

1. Withdraw Your Attention

I’m not saying that ladies don’t like good things, but permit me to say that most girls like bad guys.

So it’s possible she’s ignoring you because she has another guy attention to catch up with.

As a guy, all you got to do is giver her space, create time for yourself, withdraw all your attention and the nice treat. That way, she will get to miss you and realize how important you are.

2. Be Dismissive

Sometimes it’s better not to entertain certain discussion from a girl. Whenever she puts up such discussion, try as much as possible to divert the attention into something else.

As a guy, never indulge yourself in unproductive talks with her.

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3. Be Silent

Sometimes, a little quietness can do a lot. When a lady say something you don’t like, instead of exchanging words with her, just stay calm and let her have her way for that moment. She may probably realize her wrong doings and then apologizes.

4. Place Her Where She Belongs

When a girl misbehave, one of the things you can do is to put her in place.

Let her know straight up your likes and dislikes and also how you want things to be done, that way she will learn to respect you.

The funny thing is that she might even might it sexy and become more apologetic for her actions.

5. Spank Her

By this, you already know what i mean. Giving it to her real good in the other room can solve issue and i am sure you both will enjoy it.

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