7 Habits Couples Exhibit When They Are About To Break Up

7 Habits Couples Exhibit When They Are About To Break Up

Each partner in a marriage has his or her own bad side but the ability to be able to tolerate the bad side of the other partner is what matters most in a maarriage.

And if at all you are not the type that is used to tolerating things, you can sit down and discuss with your partner those things you don’t like.

Different habits of couples signifies different things. There are some habits that help to strenghten the marriage while there are habits that some couples exhibit which signifies that their marriage is about to come to an end.

Here are some habits couples who are about to break up exhibit:

1. Showing their aggressive side

This is usually common among men. When they are no longer interested in the marriage, they become very violent, they tend to create something out of nothing. In this situation every little misunderstaning always leads to fight.

Even women ain’t exempted, they feel highly irritated by your sight and become aggressive also when they are no longer interested in the marriage.

2. Keeping records of what you have done for your partner

This is very common amog partners who are about to break up. The man will begin to take count of all the money he has been spending on the woman.

Even the woman will start to make mention of all the things she has been doing for the man in terms of all the washing, cooking and taking care of the home. All these are simply tag keeping score of things by couples.

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3. Couples spending more time on phones than with their partners when thy are together

Some couples often concentrate on their phones than discussing with their partners when they are together. They prefer to spend more time on social media platform than being with their partner.

Couples who are about to break up are known to exhibit this kind of habit. They see no importance in spending more time with their partner.

4. Making comparisons of all sorts

This always begins with not appreciating the effort of your partner to comparing them with third party. Couples who are about o break up tends to show less concern about each other. They don’t care about what the other partner is doing or what the other partner is up to.

5. Always threatening to end a relationship after every little misunderstanding

Some couples are used to this, they always feel like to end their relationship just with every little misunderstanding they have with each other.
Thi i a sign that both couples are tired of each other and simply not compatible anymore.

6. Keeping grudges against each other

When couples feel like to be seperated, they tend to always keep grudges against each other.
They kep things in their mind instead of expressing their feelings.

Some partners even try to accept blame and fault for everything they are accused of by their partner in order to avoid fighting just as a way to avoid having anything to do with their partner.
All they want to do is keep things  to themself and live their life the way they want to.

7. Always waiting for your partner to in initiate affection

When couples are about to break up, they will find it difficult to connect emotionally. The feelings won’t be there anymore, one partner will always wait for the other partner to initiate affection.

Updated: June 13, 2020 — 11:48 am

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