13 Questions To Incredible Sex With Your Spouse

13 Questions To Incredible Sex With Your Spouse

There is absolutely nothing that is better than a romantic relationship, but the thought of the other person on intimacy issue could get you bothered.

Some couples actually struggle with the physical connection part of their marriage even when they are good at communication. These kind of couples can eventually talk for hours but a disconnect happens whenever it’s time to become intimate.

However, these happens because of our individual beliefs about intimacy. Some people grew up thinking sex was such a dirty word as such sees it as a chore you must do in marriage and not as something that is suppose to be enjoyed.

Those kinds of beliefs would of course affect the energy being channeled into making intimacy happen within a marriage.

Whatever the case is, a discussion with your partner is always essential as it enable both partners to know their wants and the areas they need to amend towards a good intimacy.

Below are the questions you should ask yourself;

– What are my overall beliefs about intimacy?
– What are my turn onns?
– What are my Turn offs?
– What insecurities, if any, do i have about being intimate with my spouse?
– What are the reasons i may not want to get intimate with my spouse?
– What is the one thing i do that you enjoy most during intimacy?
– What can we do to improve the level of our intimacy?
– What makes you excited about being intimate with me?
-What affects your mood when it is time for love making?
– What would you like to happen less in the bedroom?
– Where is your favourite place to make love?
– Is our love making happening as frequently as you want?
– What do you want more of in the bedroom?

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