12 Wrong Reasons To Get Married

Wrong reasons to get married

Most people view marriage as an obligation that every one must fulfill at a certain stage of life.

Even if marriage is seen from these perspective, marriage should not be taken with soft hands. Marital issues must be taken with serious minds as it involves giving out your best in terms of adequate attention physically, mentally and spiritually.

Remember there is no going back after the whole marriage rights have been performed except in the case of divorce.

While there are so many importance and advantages for getting married, some people still get married for the wrong reasons.

Listed below are just some of the wrong reasons for getting married:

1. The feeling that you are getting older: Even though it is not writen anywhere that there is a particular age to get married, some ladies still feel they are getting older day by day and in turns rush into marriage.

Age should not be treated as a criteria for getting married as you will be vulnerable to falling into wrong hands.

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Even if there are so many things attatched to the fact that you are getting older, sometimes you just have to wait for the right person to come.

2. Pregnancy: Some ladies do use pregnancy to pin down a man into marrying them. In as much as there may be some conditions attached to it, a man must never marry a woman all because she is pregnant for him.

Although some women never have the intention to pin down a man with pregnancy, they are just so curious to get married in order to avoid shame of being pregnant before marriage.

However, pregnancy should never be a reason to get married to your partner most especially when your happiness is to be considered.

3. For financial benefits: This apply to both sides of gender. Women always want to get married to a rich man in order to be secured financially.

On the other side, men also do want to get married to a lady that is from a wealthy background. All they could think of is the financial gain as they place money above all.
Even if it is clear that money makes love sweeter, never marry for the sole aim of financial gains because it can ruin your marriage at the long run.

4. Pressure from parents: You know how some parents can be so demanding nowadys in terms of pressurizing you into marriage with the hope to see their grand children.

Even if their demand is so pressurizing on you, it does not necessarily mean you should jump on anybody that his available.

Always take your time to find your true love, someone you will be happy with for the rest of your life. Do have it at the back of your mind that you are not marrying for your parents and your parents will stay with you in your matrimonial home.

Never so the mistake of going into marriage because your parents say you should do so. If you rush into marriage you will definitely rush out.

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5. Loneliness: Some ladies do marry just because they are lonely and everything seem boring to them. Going into marriage is definitely not a solution for loneliness.
Instead of rushing into marriage for the sake of finding someone to be with, why not find something meaningful to engage yourself with.

Always look at it from the perspective that what if you should get married to someone based on loneliness and the person eventually stop giving you attention, does it mean you file a divorce or you will start to cheat on him? it’s better to think of all these consequences before going into marriage as an option to cure loneliness.

6. You want someone to do your laundry for you: As a guy all you think of is to get someone to do your laundries and to cook for you are while you are away at the office.

If all you want is to marry someone for the sake of helping with the house chores, then you are definitely not marrying a wife but a slave.

7. Marrying out of pity: Some people see marriage as a debt they owe their partner. Ladies do get married to a man based on the reason that he is the one taking care of their responsibilities.

Men on the other hand do marry a lady when they see that she has passed through a lot for the sake of their relationship.
All these are known as what we called marrying out of pity.

8. Physical appearance: Both men and women do marry based on the physical looks without considering some other aspects like behavoural and moral attitude which could impose danger in their marriage.

9. Some ladies do get married for the sake of putting on that beautiful wedding gown: Some ladies that attend wedding every weekend probably do imagine how beautiful they will lokk when they put on taht wedding gown.

Planning a marriage because of wedding gown is totally un-called for as it does not make any sense.

Why not wait for the right time to put on that wedding gown you have always admired.

10. Marrying because your parents are getting along with your partner: This is a situation whereby you are dating someone and your parents are showing your partner all the love and care.

Meanwhile, even when you are not really into your partner, you are forced to marry him or her based on the fact that he or she is already loved by your parents.

11. Eager to leave your parents house: You will agree with me that most people do get married in order to be free from their parents.

They want to be in charge of their affairs of their life by being able to make certain decisons without the interference of their parents.

12. Getting married because other friends are getting married: You have probably been attending wedding events of friends and you are motivated to get married too with the hope of joining their league,

Competiton is quite good only if it is a healthy one, never try o do what others are doing when you don’t know the reason for behind it.

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