10 Things You Must Give Up To Be Happy (Must Read)

10 Things You Must Give Up To Be Happy (Must Read)

Sometimes we hold on to some things that causes pain, stress or even inflict suffering and instead of bringing all those things behind you and allowing yourself some form of freedom tobe happy, you continue to attach to it.

360dopes.com brings you those ten things you should totally give up and make life more easy for yourself and be happy.

1. You need to give up on trying to claim being right all the time.

The truth is no one knows it all, so instead of claiming mr right all the time, you need to create some space for others opinions.

2. Give up on Blame

Sometimes you just have to start taking responsibilities for your actions and stop putting blame on others or one thing or the other.

3. Give up on Complaining too much

I’m not saying you can’t complain at all but there is a limit to everything in life. Complain a little bit and move on. Start thinking of what next and not what had already happened, infact look for way forward or possible solutions you have failed to achive.

4. Give up On The Need to Impress people

It’s better to show the real you than to always live your life to impress others. To me i consider this as living a fake life. You must strive to be yourself at all times, let people know kind of person you.

5. Give up On Living Your life To People’s Expectations.

When you live your life based on what people think about you or based on what people expect from you, it will definitely lead you in the wrong direction. Belive me when others are moving forward, you will remain stagnant or even worse.

As from this moment, stop living to please others and start doing what you think it’s best for you.

6.  Give Up On Your Fears

Fears are bound to exist but it is your ability to give up on them that will make it look as if it doesn’t exist.

Fears limits your ability to achieve something greater, after all you created it, it’s in your mind. So why don’t you take it off from your mind and focus on something better.

7.  Give up on Flimsy Excuses

Every little thing you failed to do, you give an excuse. My friend it’s time to take away that spirit in this new year and start taking responsiblity for all your actions.

Make sure to improve yourself and be a better person for the future instead of giving excuses here and there.

8. Give Up On Criticism

I know we all want to love and be loved back but it’s high time to realise that everything can’t just be right at all times.

Everyone is different in their own way, so you might definitely not get back want you wished for but that doesn’t create space for you to start criticising every little things.

9. Give Up On Resistance To Change.

Change is the only constant thing in life. so be ready to accommodate every environment you find your self.

Always try to embrace change and not to resist it.

10. Give Up On The Past.

Try as much as possible to let bygones be bygone. Do not limit yourself in life by dwelling in what has happened in the past.

You need to appreciate life itself and focus on things ahead of you, after all life is journey and not a destination.

Your hands and legs are not tied in one place. You can stilll make things better even where you have failed. You call only call yourself a failure when you have failed to mend or pick the pieces on the floor to rise again.

Thanks for taking time out to read this little piece…It’s time to move forward!

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