Where Are The Ladies? 5 Ways To Stop Your Man From Cheating

I know you shouldn’t have to keep your man from cheating. But
preventative medicine never hurt anybody. I always say that to some
degree men are just as faithful as their options. If you leave a man
with fewer options, he is less likely to cheat on you.

1. Give him some good love – If a man knows he can get it better at
home he won’t be so anxious to find it somewhere else. Obviously this is
a two way street and you should expect him to give you good love too.
When I say love I don’t mean sex only. I mean treating each other with

2. Know his friends – No man in a relationship really has any
business out on his own. If he goes anywhere, he’s rolling with his
friends. If his friends know that you are the business, they will make
sure he doesn’t make any mistakes.

Watch out for the ex-girlfriends. Hooking up with an ex doesn’t feel
like cheating to a lot of guys especially if they have children together
and your relationship with that person is new. You probably won’t win
over the ex-girlfriend like you can with the friends, but you can talk
to your man and find out his feelings on her.

3. Let Him Know The Consequences – Please Don’t say: “You better not
cheat on me or I will burn your momma’s house down, blow you up on
Twitter and slash your tires!”
 Do say: “Just to let you know, I’d be really hurt if I found out that
you cheated on me and I’d never be able to commit to repairing what we
have together if that happened.” (WARNING: Only bring this up in a
conversation about cheating please don’t come to your man with this out
of the blue).

4. Let Him Know He’s Special – Cheating isn’t always about sex for
men, it’s mostly about ego. That’s why good looking guys with good
looking girlfriends cheat on them with ugly women. Even the smallest and
most insignificant ego boost is satisfying for us. So stroke his ego
when you can, and expect some stroking in return.

5. Take Interest – Take interest in your man’s life. Find out what
he’s doing when he’s not around you and follow up after he does whatever
he’s doing. This is in no way about snooping, it’s really about getting
more involved in his life and getting in a rhythm of sharing. The
conversation should go something like this:

You: What are you and your boys doing tonight?”

Him: We’re going to watch the game.

You: oh really, I will be watching the Lifetime channel all night. I can’t wait.

-Next day-

You: Hey did you have fun watching the game?

Him: Yes

You: Great!

At the end of the day a cheater is going to cheat, but if you take these steps you will probably find out faster than not.

Culled from HelloBeautiful

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