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Kenny George is an award winning UK based Nigerian actress, producer and screen writer born on December 7, 1978.

She’s a mother and entrepreneur who has carved a niche for herself in the industry.

She has a twin brother, Taiwo Ibikunle who is also a nollywood actor.

She’s also a proud owner of film school “Ejika Film Academy” in Lagos and has been able to mentor so many youths an stars in making.

Kenny George is quite beautiful, creative and talented having featured and produced numerous movies.

Lets get to know more about her below:

Early Life & Background

Kenny George was born into the family of Mr and Mrs Adebayo George as the third of six children.

Her father works with Nigerian airways while her mother is a business woman.

She attended United African Primary school and Command Secondary school Ipaja for her primary and secondary education.

She later relocated with her parents to London in 1991 where she completed her secondary school education at Skinners secondary school for girls Stamford Hill where she finished in 1994.

Kenny George had studied health social care in Islington college and graduated in 1996.

She also studied Accounting and Hospitality management at South Bank University and North West Kent College respectively.


Kenny George started her career a very early stage where developed passion for writing stories at the age of 9.

She started her career professionally in 2006 after she met with actress, Lola Alao in London and her apartment was used to shoot a movie titled “Te’te”.

Kenny George picture
Kenny George Picture

Ever since Kenny George came to limelight, she has worked with top actors in the industry such as Saheed Balogun, Yomi Fabiyi, Toyin Abraham and so on.

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Aside acting and being a producer, Kenny is also a proud owner of Ejika Film Academy in Lagos, to mentor upcoming talents.


Kenny George has starred in numerous movies which include:

  • Injustice
  • Ofege
  • Suicide
  • Ejika
  • Pasan
  • Taxi driver
  • 7days
  • Ishana
  • Coma
  • Agbejoro
  • Diary
  • Koto
  • Eje Aburo Mi
  • Ijaya
  • Atupa
  • Ijewo Ese (Confession)

Awards & Nominations

  • OMAMA Awards For Producer of the Year 2017
  • Maya Awards 2017 for Nollywood Viewers Choice Award, Yoruba
  • City People Entertainment Awards For Best New Actress of The Year (Yoruba) 2015

Watch Kenny George Movie ‘Atupa’ below:

You can reach Kenny George on Instagram @iamkennygeorge

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  1. I REALLY luv a film….itz motivate me and guve more more confidant nd proud of becoming an actor,movies i would never forget produce by herA YEAR TO LIVE,INJUSTIES

    1. Yu r right dear…..I tot injustice movie is abt her,I mean real life story,by until I saw it on Google that taiwo ibikunle is her twin brother…. Can’t love u less

  2. Kenny George, I wish to be like you because you are so talented, I wish I could know you, keep it up may almighty God be with you and your family, I so much love this, keep it up sister, to say the fact you are the best actress for me. I wish I could become actists like you, Miss George am short of words anyway keep it up,am after your steps

  3. I just love u sis Kenny u re such an humble type despite of your richness and star still you are a simple woman.higher you I prayed.

  4. I’m one person that don’t like Yoruba film,y?bcos immediately u put it I will tell u where its ends..but Kenny George beat me to her film…all her film r untellable… U CNT just get her…I sincerely appreciate God for ur life n PLS ON MY KNEES don’t ever fall my hands…don’t get involved in all dis Yoruba diva scandal… Keep ur head high for me..luv u Ejika to ko he keru obo..

  5. In fact , you are special Kenny. You are such an humble actress I have ever knew. My hubby font watch Yoruba movies, but the day he watched your film “injustice” he was impressed and started watching your films, because is unpredictable. 👊

  6. Sister kenny I love ur acting,wen I watch injustice i could not hold my tears may d lord almighty be with u

  7. Mrs kenny george,love ur movies they are inspiring and motivating,i was thinking you are nigeria based initially until i searched for your profile,you are a great woman at 41 dis year and still maintaining a good stature.mothering ur kids also and home,i must commend you weldone ma. Ma pls if this can be reposted to reaching you God bless the reposter,i actually need your help i a story i want to produce but i dont have enough to fund the movie,so pls ma have been searching for how to reach or get your personal contact,likewise there is a role for you in the movie,pls ma i would be glad if u get this message and reply me via my fb username olatoye olamide rasaq or my whatsapp contact 07036432556 or my email account [email protected]. my name been Rasaq olamide.Once again ma,weldone ma

  8. Wat a talented lady you are Mrs kenny George, all your movies do inspire me you are a great actress….I wish I could talk to you one on one,I so much love you keep it up dearie.

  9. I just love watching your movie sister kenny I love u ma,may God continue to give u strength…but is this film titled injustice about you

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    1. If you are reading this comment Kenny George, kindly clarify openly the connectivity between YOU & TAIWO IBIKUNLE ! We your fans are lost !

  11. It has never occurred to me that anyone can be as good as mainframe in movie making until I became addicted to ur movies. Some other people have done wonderfully well before the economy corrupted their talents,I pray u ll keep it up..

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  13. Hello Miss Kenny George, I really appreciate the Lord concerning the gift he has given to you.
    I am Hananiah by by name, and I will be so much happy if I can act with you, because I have been looking for a way to get across with you on any social media, and thank God that I can have an opportunity to make a comment here.
    Miss Kenny George, my main part is to sing, please help your boy.

  14. I av nvr noticed her be4 not until l watched her movies ENI OMO SI and OLOWOGBOGBORO.I always love her in a film ever since then very cool and talented. She dress decently infact l searched for her biography for better recognition.keep it up dearie.

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    I really love all your movies
    Keep elevating “ROLE MODEL”

    famz love you❣️

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  18. Mrs kenny i cant say how much i love u since i have watch ur movie omo emi have loving u pls am proud to be like u if u can help me i will be glad If u want to help call dis num 08118799066 pls may god countinue to lift u up

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