For Men: How Your Relationship Is Positively Affected By Longer Foreplay

Its 2017 and women still wish men would do more when it comes to foreplay.

Engaging in better, longer foreplay with your partner might hold the key to unlocking greater joy in your relationship.

Below are the advantages of engaging in longer foreplay in your relationship/marriage.

Sexual satisfaction

For couples that in a sexual relationship, it has been firmly established that many women do not reach orgasm through penetration.

Whether or not your partner falls within this category of women, proper foreplay for the right amount of time is sure to leave her satisfied, and a sexually satisfied woman is far better than one whose sexual needs are not being met.

It increases intimacy

Most of the acts of foreplay are very intimate, and when you decide to pay more attention to doing it right and for a considerably higher amount of time, it is bound to increase the intimacy shared by you and your partner.

Reduces chances of cheating

It is a well-known fact, and experience has proven it as well that one of the things that push people into infidelity is sexual dissatisfaction.

However, sex for women is not just about penetration. As a matter of fact, what happens before penetration is more important for women than actual penetration.

This shows just how important proper and adequate foreplay is, and when men oblige women and engage them in foreplay of the right manner and amount, then, surely the chances that such women will cheat is very slim.

And in the rare instance that they do, it is unlikely that it’ll be because of sexual dissatisfaction

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