For Brides: 5 Things To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

It is always advisable to check the wedding plans at least 3 to 4 days before the wedding and assign efficient people to do the task.
it’s a must to check if everything is working out fine if not all.

You shopuld be relaxed on your wedding day. Below are the 5 do’s and don’t:

1. Try not to be a bridezilla.
It’s your big day, stop trying to control everything. Anything that has fixed or assigned to someone to fix should be discarded.
 Avoid to be stressed over little things on your big day. Delicate duties to your siblings, friends etc.
2. Do not let little incidents get to you.
things would arise from the food not meeting your expectations to a
waiter not showing up. Don’t sweat yourself, you are probably the only
one noticing it.
3. Be ready to take pictures with every and anyone.
A lot of people take offence when they approach the bride and groom for pictures and they are turned down.
4. Don’t neglect any of your guests
Take a moment to appreciate your guests for coming, before leaving the venue of the wedding.
5. Take your time to get ready.
you do not rush through your beauty process. If you need to go to bed
early, so as to get up early to do the necessary things that need to be
done, then go to bed early.
Updated: May 29, 2018 — 6:11 pm

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