10 Things Women Hate Before S*x…You Better Avoid No. 5

There are certain things women will not tolerate during s*x and you will be do well to stay away from doing them.

Most women have a long list of ‘don’ts’ that they want their man to
know. So, instead of second guessing, just read this list and read her
mind the next time you both are getting intimate.

1. Sloppy music
Music is the clincher as you get set to hit the sack. As you turn down
the lights and turn on a little mood music, choose what you are making
your gal listen to carefully. What you play may be an indication about
where the night is headed. Avoid anything too girly ( Madonna, Avril
Lavigne, Miley Cyrus) and do not play music with clear S3xual overtones
(“Let’s Get It On,” “S3xual Healing,” “I Wanna S3x You Up”).

2. Turn off the phone
Have you ever answered a call mid-way during S3x and lived to regret it?
Turn your phone off while getting intimate with your lady love.
Interruptions can really put a damper on your S3xual tempo, and if it is
your mom calling, your girl is probably putting on her jacket and
getting ready to leave.

3. Groping is out
Well, even though you might want to lay your hands on your gal, be
recommend you exercise caution. Grabbing her B00bs, pinching her A$$ or
ripping open her clothes is a big turn off. Moving randomly from body
part to body part is thoroughly confusing and never gives your girl a
chance to get into the mood. Move slowly from one body part to the next —
lightly caressing first, then with increased passion.

4. Begging
Most women have clearly defined limits, before the date about just how
how far she is willing to go, but men can change their minds. At the end
of the evening, give her a passionate kiss to sweep her off her feet.
This is when she may just reconsider going home with you. If she still
isn’t interested and expresses a clear discontent, do not whine or beg.
If you beg, you will never get a second chance –ever.

5. Being in a hurry
Women take a lot of time to feel S3xually into the moment. Most women
loved being kissed, touched, caressed, and more than two minutes to
reach the big O. So take time to focus on her. If you aren’t satisfying
her, she could get frustrated (or bored) and call it a night.

6. Don’t keep looking at the watch
It takes time to get a woman going. She needs kissing, touching,
caressing, and more than two minutes to reach Org*sm. If you have moved
past the make-out stage and the clothes are coming off, take time to
focus on her. If you aren’t satisfying her needs, your gal may just get
frustrated and bored and call it a night.

7. Sloppy kissing
It doesn’t matter how hot a dude is, if he can’t kiss well, he ain’t
getting past first base. When you lean in for the first end-of-the-date
smooch, remember to control your tongue. Don’t unnecessarily lick her
teeth, chin, cheeks, forehead, etc., and try not to stick it down her
throat. It’s a major turn off for women. Also, ensure you have pleasant
breath, bad breath sucks!

8. Dull conversation
All women dig compliments, but too many “Oh babys” can mar her mood.
Going over-the-top with banter is a clear sign that the conversation is
fake and forced. Concentrate on being your natural self. If things are
really becoming passionate, don’t ask unnecessary questions: “Do you
like it when I kiss you?” “Does my hand feel good on your body?” Her
responses will tell you if you are impressing her enough.

9. Keep your hands off when she’s not in the mood
Women get turned off by men who can’t keep their hands off them. Do not
hand her a glass of wine, turn on some music, lower the lights and then
stick your hand in her pants. You’ll just be regarded as a H0rny dude!

10. Asking for permission
Most girls like a man who loves taking charge, so when you ask for
permission every step of the way you come across as a weak wimp. Asking
her “May I please kiss you?” at the end of a date, or “Are you OK?” when
kissing is a major dampner. Rather analyse the situation; if she’s
really into it, be a man and take the plunge.

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