9 Benefits Couples Get From Engaging In More Play Times Daily

9 Benefits Couples Get From Engaging In More Play Times Daily

Many couples are faced with the problem of how many times they and their partner should get intimate in a week.

While this question varies with individual wants and needs, couples should always come together and discuss about it like matured man and woman.

Although some couples do sweep this issue under the blanket with the belief that intimacy should come naturally as they feel.

While this isn’t totally a bad idea, couples must learn each of them have individual differences and interest, so therefore, their taste at a particular time is bound to be different.

Some couples usually see getting ‘play times’ as a task they must accomplished and not taking a close look at the benefitsmthey can both enjoy from it.

To be sincere, in order for couples to make their marriage a better one, they should learn to engage in more play time often.

So listed below are the benefits couples can get from engaging in more play times daily.

1. Getting more play times daily helps reconnect couples emotionally

When both partners get in the mood together, it often brings out their inner emotion, it gives room for both partners to express their feelings.
When couples re-connect emotionally, it often make them feel loved once again.

2. It reduces the probability of getting sick

Having more play times with your partner is considered to be beneficial to the health.
When having play times, there is increase in production level of immunoglobulin which is antibody that helps your body to fight against diseases and bacteria.

So with this you can be rest assured that the rate at which you get sick will be reduced to some extent.

3. Getting play times daily often helps to prevent period cramps

Having a regular paly time with your partner will often help you to experience less of pains during your period in addittion to getting to see your period at a normal rate that it should occur.
So there is enough reason for you women out there to experience more of getting intimate with your partner.

4. It brings more spark into your marriage

Getting more play times daily will often bring more life into your marriage.
It will help to rekindle the flame in your marriage thereby reducing the level of arguements and violence in a relationship which in turn leads to a healthy marriage.

5. It’s a total form of exercise

Having more play times daily usually  prove to be a form of exercise at the long run.
Play times can be a form of exercise in different ways based on the intimate positions partners are engaged in.

– The missionary position helps partners to stretch out their stomach and butt.
-The woman on top position helps the woman to strenghten the stomach and butt msucles as well.
– The doggy style position helps to strenghten the pelvic muscle and also helps women to stretch out their arms while their hands are on the wall.

All these form of exerxises helps to increase the rate at which blood flows from the heart to other parts of the body.

6. It helps to add varieties and spices into the marriage

In additiion to the spark getting more play times will add into the marriage, it will also serve as a way to spice up your marriage.

Your marriage with your partner will be filled with lots of fun, you will no longer see the marriage as an obligation that needs to be culfilled.

7. It makes you look younger than your age

Have you ever noticed that couples that engage in more play times a week tend to look 10 times younger than their age, this is simply because they tend to live a happier life and enjoy every moment while it last.

8. It helps you slepp better

You will definitely realised that you will get to sleep better after getting intimate with your partner. Having more play times daily helps to reduce stress ot normalize the stress you had all day long.

9. Getting more play times daily helps the marriage to last longer

Intimacy between couples induces  better communication between partners and inspires more love which helps to build trust and better relationship.

Updated: May 27, 2018 — 11:26 am

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