8 Signs You Might Never Get Married

8 Signs You Might Never Get Married

When you were a kid, you have probably dreamt about that big wedding day of yours, you even imagined how you are going to look in that beautiful wedding gown.

Now that you have grown up, you begin to see the other sides of marriage, you begin to see marriage from another perspective, you begin to have the perception that maariage is of no relevance in life.

All these might be simply because of changes in your level of thinking as you were growing up or simply because of the way you have probably lived your life or perceived life to be.

So, here are the signs that you may never get married:

1. You just don’t belive in love anymore

Sometimes, some ladies just don’t want to have anything to do with men or love anymore based on their past relationship.

They tend to see their past as a criteria for not getting married. Ladies of these kind are just afraid of break ups in a relationship as they can’t seem to get over the memories of their failed past relationships.

2. You are not just ready

To some it’s a personal decision as they are not just ready to be involved themself in any sort of marriage.

These type of people have no interest on anything pertaining to wedding, they seem to be enjoying their life at the fullest instead of shouldering responsibilites at their youthful age.

3. You are already living with your partner

Some do not have interest in marriage based on the fact that they are already living with their partner.
They see no reason why they should be joined publicly with their partner when they are already staying together.

Partners who are happily living together often defeat the reason for official martriage. Therefore, partners begin to loose interest in the word ‘marriage’ as they see it as just a way to entertain people.

4. You are happy being single

Some do often choose to remain single as they are enjoying their single life.
They love the fact that they can move about with friends, party all night long and even do whatever they want to do at any particular time without having any issue to sort out with any one or even stressing themself to explain the reasons for their actions to anyone.

5. You love your career more

Often times, most people seems to be so in love with their jobs that they forget that there is something called marriage.
They tend to be married to their jobs and often find being with someone to be of no relevance.

6. You love being independent

Most ladies chosse not to marry because they want to be on their own.
They never like the idea of being submissive to any man. All they want is the ability to make decisions alone without being controlled by any one.

7. Experiences of your friends in their marriages

Some chhose not to marry based on the things they have heard from their friends in terms of marital issues.

They get to be afraid of the problems associated with most marriages as their friends experience in their maariages often discourage them from getting married.

8. Your parents are divorced

Some people often see marriage as of no value as they were brought up by a divorced parents.
They begin to see marriage as a limitation and obstacles to achieve greater things in life based on the reason that they were brought up with the negative thoughts about being married.

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