6 Crazy Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Kissing

things you don't know about kissing

Below are the things you don’t probably know about kissing:

1. Do you know that two third of the people do shift their head to the right when they kiss?

2. It is illegal to kiss a sleeping woman in Colorado. How exactly the state monitors this we don’t know, but it does frak us out!

3.  Do you know that Endorphins are released during kissing?

4. Do you know that Kissing can actually  reduce the level of Cortisol (The stress hormone), which will eventually make you feel more relaxed and also feel at ease.

5.  It’s so easy to become aroused while you are kissing as the lips are very sensitive and full of nerve endings.

6. Kissing usually raises your heart rate and increases your blood pressure, which in turns get you aroused for the main thing *winks*

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