5 Ways To Tell If A Man Is In Love With You

Men are not always best at showing the way they feel about you even when they are crazy about you.

But below are 7 ways to know for sure that a guy is in love with you:

1. He Opens Up.

Emotional intimacy isn’t easy for anyone, so if he is telling you everything on his mind, its not because he likes hearing himself talk but he just want you know how he feels about you.

2.  He Does The Dirty Work.

Taking out the garbage and scrubbing the bathroom floor may not seem romantic, but it can certainly be his own way of showing you how much he cares: by helping you out and trying to make your life easier. For sure he’s not ironing your clothes because he likes to do so, he’s doing it because he wants to make you happy.

3. He Introduces You To His Family.

You all know its typical of mothers that once you introduce your girlfriend to her, she will be on her case about grandchildren. So if a guy decides to introduce you to his family, then be rest assured that he definitely plans a future with you.

4. He’s Making Himself A Part Of Your Life

If he’s joining you for your boring Sunday morning errands and cuddling up on the couch with you and your roomies for Gossip girl every week. he’s definitely in it for the long haul.

5. He Compromises

Its simple: when he loves you, he wants to keep you happy. This doesn’t mean always letting you get your way, but it does mean he’ll be eager to reach a middle ground with you where you’re both happy. Whether it’s where you spend the holidays or who gets the remote, he’ll show his love by insisting that you call the shots sometimes.

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