5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hold In A Pee

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Hold In A Pee

Often times when you are far away from from the toilet, there might be tendency that you will hold a pee for so long.

It is always advisable to visit the toilet as soon as possible and never to hold a pee for so long as it is bad for the health.

Usually when the bladder is filled with liquid, it sends a signal to the brain that there is need for you to pee and after that the brain also sends signal back to the bladder to hold on.

However, if you hold on for too long things may get a little messy and you could encounter the following problems.

1. You may experience a burst bladder. It is usually unlikely to happen but your bladder can burst if you hold your wee for too much.

2. When younhold your wee for too long, it may cause infection (Uninary tract infection) as studies have shown that holding your pee for too long can cause the bacteria responsible for the infection to multiply.

3. You may likely experience Incontingence which is when your body struggles to control the urge to visit the toilet.

4. You may also like experience a stretched bladder if you hold your pee for so long.

5. Lastly you may also likely feel pain in general.

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