4 Marriage Goals For Couple Who Want To Thrive In The Next Year

marriage goals for couples who want to thrive in the next year

We are in the time of the year where everyone will want to give a new year resolution or start planning
what they have in mind for the following year. If  you have not set any goals for your marrigae in the coming year, then this is the time to start.

However, every couple should strive for longevity in their marriage. Never wait until things start getting bad and looking for ways to fix them, instead try to set some goals for your marriage. As you create marriage goals, try to ask yourself some few questions like:

– How do you want the marriage to improve over the foirst 12 months?
– What are the type of things you will like to incorporate to get things goin?
– Why are marriage goals important to you?
– What are the things to start or to give up in order to achieve those marriage goals?

Once you have asked yourself these questions, then here are the goals to always keep in mind when it comes to thriving (not just surviving) in your marriage.

1. Spiritual goals

Always decide for yourself if you will like to start praying together, reading bible together or even trying to go to a bible study together. It is always important to find out ways to increase your spiritual life as it directly relates to your marriage. Having a spiritual connection together is very important in marriage because the the bible says: “Where two or three are gathered in my name, there i am in the midst of them”.

2.  Intimacy goals

Sex life is very important in marriage as it renews the marriage. It spice up the marriage as it makes to look like both partners are just meeting themselves for the first time. Sex can go a long way in marriage as it can even change very mood for the best.
So now is the time to set goals for your marriage of how you want to spice up your marriage, decide if you need to start paying more attention on your partners love language or do they need to hear much of how much you love and appreciated them.

3. Dating goals

I know you will be surprise to see this on the list as you already think taht what is the need for dating when you are alraedy married. Yes, dating each other after marriage is a lot making sense as you will always give your partner special treatment as if you are just meeting for the very first time. The question is how do you intend to do that? The most important thing is to do something very special and unsual once in a while bring the whole marriage alive each and every time.

4. Financial goals

Beyond having a well comfortable home and having a good car, what other ways can make your maariage survive? Do you have plans to start more profitable business or do you have plans to make more investments?

What do you think? Drop your comments.

Updated: May 27, 2018 — 11:25 pm

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