11 Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

11 Things Every Man Wants In A Woman

Nowadays, women often think that most men wants a curvy and bootylicious lady for a wife, whereas men have different taste and look beyond the physical appearnce.

Every man do desire a good woman for a wife, but the features that combines to make a good woman is what women ought to know if at all they want to stay forever in the life of a man.

Some women might be wondering why other women are being admired and loved by men. Sometimes they thinks it’s because they are more pretty or more attractive, not realising that there is more to it than just the physical looks.

Meanwhile, even if men have different taste, there are still some basic things all men wants in a woman. So listed below are those major things all ladies need to know they must have:

1. Every man loves a woman that will respect him

 Believe me wjhen i say that respect plays a major role in the society. Which man will ever desire a woman that will disrespect him?

I’m sure your answer will definitely be a capital no, so should know definitely that respect goes along with beauty.

2. Every man wants a woman that will love and cherish him

Love also has a role to play in a relationship.
No man will ever want to date a lady that will not be able to give him 100 percent adequate attention. Every man needs care and love, every man wants to love and definitely be loved back.

3. Every man wants a woman that will be skilled in the other room

I know you will be wondering what is meant by other room. It is just another word for bedroom. In fact 90 percent of men will love to have a woman that is good on bed than in the kitchen, a woman that will be able to satisfy his desires on bed.

No man  will ever want to marry a woman that is lazy or can’t perform well in the other room.
Every man wants to be with  a woman that is skilled in the bedroom so that they won’t look else where they are in a relationship.

4. An Independent Woman

Most women think men like to be on top of the world. They think all men want to rule and want a submissive wife.

The truth about it is that men wants a woman that have a life of her woman, a woman that can make decision when they are not around.

In as much men like submissive women, it does not necessarily mean that they want a woman that will be giving them pressure every now and then for every little thing.

5. A woman that is good in the kitchen

 This is certainly one of the most important in the list of evry man’s wants as the way to the heart of a man is always his stomach.

Every man wants a woman that can cook well, a woman that can satisfy his stomach.
You know it is the inner strenght that brings out the outer strenght, so no man wants to have a wife in the house and still continue to eat outside.

6. A prayerful woman

Prayer is very relevant in a relationship, a relationship without God is like a building without foundation.

Every man wants a woman that can support the relationship with prayer as it always help to strenghten the relationship’ Every man wants a woman he can join hands with to pray when things are not going on well.

7. Every man wants a woman that will love his family and friends

It is said that the love a woman has for a man is not complete if she does not love everyone around him.
Every man wants a woman that will appreciate his family, friends and every one around him.

8. A woman that is attractive

No doubt no man will want a woman that is not neat or does not keep her body attractive.
Men needs a woman that will continue to make him keep coming back for more love as the relationship advances.

9. Emotionally mature

When it comes to maturity, a man wants a woman that will be able to handle matters herself especially when there is relationship dispute without interference from third party.
Most men wants a woman that will be emotionally balanced.

10. Every man wants a woman that will be able to support and encourage him in whatevee he does

Support and encouragement goes a long way in a relationship.
Every man wants a woman that will be his backbone, someone that will encourage him whenever he is down and short of opinions.

11. Every man wants a woman that will be able to express herself

In this aspect, no man wabts a woman that will keep things to herself or not able to say her mind out.
Men love opinions to be expressed and will appreciate every woman who is able to pour out her feelings.

Updated: May 27, 2018 — 8:48 am

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