10 Things Men Do When They Are Not Over Their Ex

10 Things Men Do When They Are Not Over Their Ex

It really takes a long time before a relationship will finally come to an end.
While your boy friend may be so open to tell you he is still in love with his ex making it easier for
you to either decide if you want to stay with him or kick his butt off, some boy friend might tell you they have gotten over their ex and moved on with you even up to showing you all the love and care when in reality they are still in love with their ex.

They only try to use you as a form of passing away time in order to be energized and strengthened to approach back their ex.

However, how a relationship ended do determine the extent at which men get over their ex.
Here are the signs for the ladies to help them check if their man is truely over their ex or not.

1. He often talks about her

You find out that your boy friend is always talking about his ex in the middle of every conversation whenever you are together, it’s a sign he still got some affection for his ex.

 You will definitely noticed that he can’t do without making a statement about his ex in every single discussion with with.

2. He never care to talk about her

Men often finds it difficult to talk about their ex especially when the relationship broke up on the part of their ex.

While you might find it annoying when he talks too much about his ex, you should know that he is never over his ex if he does not talk about her at all.

In this aspect, men usually pretends as if everything is fine while claiming to love you when actually, deep down in their heart, nothing seems to be going on well.

3. He often call you her name

This is just one of the akward things men do when they seem not to get over their ex.
Here, your boy friend will mistakenly call his ex name when he wants to call yours.

If it is only once, then you should accept it as a mistake but when it constantly do occur, you should know there is something fishy about him.

4. He still call and text her frequently

If you’ve got a boy friend who still keep in touch with his ex, definitely it’s a sign both of them are still bond together automatically.

If that your boyfriend still find it relevant to call and text his ex every minute, it simply mean you are the odd one out in that relationship.

5. He stalks her on social media

When a guy seems not to be over his ex, he continues to like and make comments on every of her pictures and even go as far as tagging her on his own pictures as well on every social media platforms.

He tends to find it as a way to keep monitoring every of her activities as they are no more together.

6. He is still close to her family

A guy will tell you he does not have anything to do with his ex, yet he still visit her family from time to time.

Do not be deceived, he is still much into his ex and their relationship is just a minor misunderstanding and not a break up.
There is certainly an element of love and bond between him and his ex.

7. He always compares his ex to you

If your boy friend is fond of comparing his ex to you in every aspect of the relationship, it’s a sign he appreciates his ex more and prefers her over you.

In fact, in some instances you will find out that everything you do does not please him and end up complaining about your attitude every now and then.

8. He’s still got her pictures

Your boy friend says he is over his ex, yet he still keep most of her pictures in the wardrobe.
Yes the relationship with his ex might have ended, but in his heart many things are still going on.
As pictures usually speaks a lot, it will definitely bring back to him memory of their relationship.

9. He claims to be best of friend with his ex

What is the assurance that your boyfriend and his ex who now claim to be best of friend do not have feelings for each other?

There is absolutely no way ex lovers can be best of friends. If it didn’t work out in the first instance, i guess nothing can work in the future. So if your boy friend and his ex are still best of frriends, it probably worked out between them but they didn’t realized and now they are trying to re-connect their feelings back while claiming to be best of friends.

10. He’s always angry whenever he gets to know she’s dating another guy

He said he is done with her yet he get so furious whenever he heard that she’s dating another guy.
Sometimes he even try to talk the ex out of the relationship by giving her false advice.
So it’s a sign he still not over his ex if he keep on monitoring evry of her movement.

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