These 2 Words Have The Power To Transform Your Marriage

When people talk about what it  takes to have a happy marriage, you will start to hear them call those words like love, communication and trust.
While each of these words are very important  and crucial to marital success, there are also two other words that should not be overlooked and they are grace and gratitude. These two words carry a lot of weight and have the potential to transform your marriage.

Extending grace is defined as a manifestation of favor or goodwill. Basically being kind and gentle even when your spouse may not have earned it. It’s similar to the grace God extends to us every day. We may not always deserve it, but He allows us to experience His grace daily.

Gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. How often do we express our gratefulness for our marriage and our spouse?

Gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. How often do we express our gratefulness for our marriage and our spouse?

Can you imagine the state of our unions if we were to add these two ingredients to our marriages more often? They would be transformed. They would heal and ultimately honor each individual within that partnership. Who wouldn’t want that type of peace in their marriage?

If you are wondering just how to extend grace and display gratitude, here are a few tips.

Grace – Be Patient with Your Spouse

Be understanding and accepting of who your spouse is. Perhaps they are a quirky and confusing communicator. Extend grace by listening more attentively, helping them and asking questions for clarity. Being patient with them will also demonstrate a level of grace.

Gratitude – Say Thank You

Find something to thank your spouse for at least once a week. There are smaller actions to be grateful for, like taking out the garbage or mowing the lawn. But there are also more significant behaviors to be thankful for like, being supportive or making certain sacrifices. Sometimes saying “thank you” for things you occasionally take for granted can feel absolutely amazing to your spouse.

Grace – Speak with Love

Respond in love always. Even in frustration or when you have to share your disappointment with your spouse, do it lovingly. Words are powerful. Consider your spouse’s feelings as you choose your words and the way you’d like to respond, carefully. Love should always be evident in how we speak and act.

Gratitude – Be Thoughtful

Allow your actions to show your gratitude. Do things in your marriage that will make your spouse feel grateful as well. Think of them often and let small gestures also show your appreciation. Even if the words “thank you” are never said, your partner should also be able to feel just how much you appreciate them in how they are treated.

Grace – Forgive

Forgive and give without expecting anything in return. Forgiveness is the greatest form of grace you can extend to your spouse. It’s challenging for sure, but extremely healing for both partners. Doing for your partner without expecting reciprocation is also the truest demonstration of grace.

Grace and gratitude are two necessities for a happy marriage that we often fail acknowledge. They don’t come easy for most of us. But try them on for a little while and I bet your marriage will be transformed.


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