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Nneoma Okorie is a Nigerian-American host, content creator, story teller and media personality born on October 9, 1995. She began as co-host for “Nne & Ike show and since then she has been one of the most sought after in the industry.

Nneoma Okorie
Profile Information
Birth DateOctober 9, 1995
OccupationMedia Personality
Net WorthNot Estimated


Nneoma had passion to connect with people and be on TV at a tender age of 11. She got to practice her passion at high school through a cultural exchange program.

She co-host the show, “The Nene & Ike show” alongside, Ike Slimster. The show is centered on different topics from music to fashion and comedy.

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She came to prominence in the entertainment industry at the age of 17 and has continued to pave way for herself in every aspect.

On what keeps her motivated, here’s what she said:

When I was 16, I used to imagine that I was turning 27 the next year. I used to add 10 years to my life. So I would think of it like “Listen you’re turning 27 years old next year. Are you where you want to be in life?” I did that for a while, and my teacher would tell me that “You shouldn’t time your life that way because things happen. You don’t time your goals because you could end up upset or not satisfied.” Which is understandable but it’s still good to say that in “five years I want to be this person,” but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not that person in five years. As long as you’re making progress, then that’s important. But, what motivates me is my passion for entertainment and being myself as a personality and sharing that with the world. And to inspire and connect with others in some form by being myself. There was a time before, where both my parents wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor. [My mom] sat me down one day and told me to look into becoming and occupational therapist or get involved in the medical field. And I would think that’s not what I want. There was a point when I was graduating high school, my mom was strict on not paying for my tuition if I was to major in broadcast/journalism. I had a family friend who talked to her and convinced her to help me out because they really believed in me. When you have a situation like that, where your parents don’t support you, you start to consider changing your mind. What motivated me was my passion; I couldn’t stop thinking about being able to do what I love. Being active and doing what I can for myself is motivating to me.

Nneoma Okorie is also a comedian and YouTuber. She has a comedy page on Instagram @nnescorner and a YouTube channel where she post videos on topics ranging from beauty to hair and food.

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