Love and Science 5 proven ways to have more joy in your relationship

For some people, scientific facts and empirical evidence are all they need to ever believe anything.

Well, here are science-proven ways to experience the maximum amount of joy in your relationship.
Makers of a happiness-measurement app, Happify have gathered
results from a recent research and according to the data; couples can
experience more happiness in their relationship if they do the following
 Talk at least 5 hours per week
matter how busy you both are, work hard towards ensuring that your
total discussion time lasts up to 5hours per week. That might sound a
lot until you consider that a single day has 24 hours and you have 7days
in a week. 
Have sex 2 or 3 times a week
happiest couples do this, according to the scientists. It boosts
happiness by 44%. [You better start getting down a lot more often, guys]
Laugh together
The more you and your partner crack up together, the happier you’ll be, says the research.
 Celebrate their good news
This one is quite easy and obvious, almost cliché. But you know, cliché or not, some might be doubting before now.
such people, here is confirmation, and for those who always believed,
here is further proof; as experts say it is crucial to celebrate each
other’s joy.
So, when your partner tells you about an achievement, better show proud you are. 
Create fresh memories
course, we really did not need science to tell us that repeating the
same things over and over again might become a lot boring.
yeah, thanks to the Happify’s research, we are now certain, with
scientific proof to boot, that couples are happier when they try new
things together. 

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