Check Out 6 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Check Out 6 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger Nuts have been considered to be beneficial while enriching the body with the needed nutrients.

Tiger nut which is known as “Aya” in Hausa language is one of the plants cultivated in ancient Egypt and have been used for medicinal purposes.

It has been said to prevent heart attacks and activate blood circulation.

With the presence of high content of soluble glucose, it has also been known to prevent cancer.

There is simply more Tiger nuts from its nutrients to health benenits. Here are the six benefits of Tiger nuts.

1. It Cures Erectile Dysfunction

Tiger nuts have been known to improve and cure erectile dysfunction. Although there is scientific evidence to back up the claim, natives of Ghana have been using this as traditional medicine for years in the form Palliative for treating erectile dystfunction.

2. Tiger Nuts is also useful for fighting bacteria infections such as Streptococcus, E.Coli. and Salmonella.

3. Tiger nuts which is a rich carrier of Potassium is said to be useful in regulating the blood pressure.

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4. It is used to aid digestion as it is helpful in treating stomach upsets.

5. Tiger nuts which is rich in nutrients suc as carbohydrate, fat, fiber, calcium, sodium, magnessium, phosphorus, iron, copper and zinc, is used to fight malnutrition.

6. It has also been known to prevent colon cancer. Colon cancer is cancer of the large intestine, which is th final part of the digestive tract.

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