Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography: Age, Contact, Website & Pictures

Apostle Johnson Suleman Biography: Age, Contact, Website & Pictures

A man of God with divine direction, Apostle Johnson Suleman is a Nigerian televangelist born on March 24, 1971.

Johnson Suleman is the senior pastor and founder of Omega Fire Minsitries International with its headquarters in Auchi, Edo state.

He was born into a muslim family and originally hails from Benin city, Edo State.

Apostle Suleman He is not just a preacher but a divine prophet.


He has always had a soft spot for the things of God even while he was going to the mosque with his father.

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He encountered Christ while in secondary school in his hometown, Auchi.

He had worked as an assistant pastor in the Armor of God Church in Lagos before he started Omega Fire Fire Ministries in 2004.

Apostle Johnson Suleman photo

The name Omega Fire Ministries came from God’s message : “Put an end to affliction; I am sending you with an Omega Anointing.”

Its mission is “To wipe out tears, restore people to their destinies by the revelation of the word, manifestation of power and reality of the Holy Spirit, put an end to affliction.”

Omega Fire Ministries have Churches in 52 nations in five continents.

In Nigeria, the Church has branches in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Kano and Akwa Ibom state.

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It is also located in USA, Ghana, Turkey and so on..

The church also reaches thousands of people through its 24-hour Christian television channel called “Celebration TV” and a radio Station “Voice of Fire Radio”.

Personal Life

Apostle Johnson Suleman is married to his lovely wife, Lizzy Johnson Suleman and their marriage is blessed with four children, four girls and a boy.


Apostle Suleman was said to have bought a house worth N40 million for the curvy nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke which was said to be an addition to the Mercedes Benz car he bought for her.

Watch Apostle Johnson Suleman Sermon below:



  • Website – Apostlesuleman.org
  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Facebook – Apostle Johnson Suleiman
  • Twitter – Apst Johnson Suleiman

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