The 10 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Define 2019

The 10 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Define 2019

The MIT Technology Review publishes a list of top ten technologies each year.

Most of them largely influence us. For instance, you can place live bets in Betway through an Android phone to make a profit. Bill Gates is popular for his precise technological predictions. He publishes an annual later containing some of the latest technologies. Here are the 10 breakthrough technologies which will define 2019.

1.    Robot Dexterity

Automation and robotics have drastically gained popularity in recent years. Most of them operate efficiently in controlled environments. However, modern robots struggle to adapt to harsh conditions. Robot dexterity involves creating advanced mechanical devices such as robotic hands which apply AI to thrive in new environments.

2.    Cow-free Burger

Meat burgers are a popular snack worldwide. However, animal keeping produces huge amounts of carbon and ammonia into the atmosphere thus promoting global warming. The cow-free burger uses low-tech and high-tech solutions to solve some of the environmental challenges we are facing. Mark Post was the first person to artificially grow a meat burger.

3.    Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Technology

Carbon emissions are a major cause of climate change. Extensive research has led to its invention. The technology is available at an affordable price for prominent industries. Most factories emit huge quantities of carbon frequently. CCS technology traps and stores carbon before it pollute the atmosphere.

4.    Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants

AI is among the top technologies which Bill and Belinda Gates predicted will define 2019. It comprises sophisticated algorithms which we can use to determine the best place to put carbon capture equipment to control air pollution. Artificial Intelligence is popular in firms such as as it helps them send instant payouts to bettors.

5.    Electrocardiogram (ECG) Monitors

They are wrist-worn devices which monitor the medication you swallow to treat certain diseases. ECG monitors produce clear images of your digestive system. They help doctors assess your current health condition.

6.    New-wave Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy is a new source of energy that uses fission reactors and advanced fusion. Nuclear designs have evolved over the past year thus making nuclear power cheaper and safer. Such designs include tiny modular reactors, fusion reactors, and generation IV reactors.

7.    Predicting Preemies

Recent statistics reveal that 15 million premature births occur in the world each year. An A test will be availed in the next five years to control such births. Medics can use modern technology to derive vital information about pregnant women from their RNA and DNA.

8.    Gut Treatment

Scientists have created a tiny device which patients can swallow to capture clear images of their guts. The new technology doesn’t require anesthesia. Besides, it is suitable for infants, children and the elderly. The new devices are useful in treating environmental enteric dysfunction (EED).

9.    Custom Cancer Vaccines

The new vaccines trigger white blood cells to kill cancer cells by identifying different mutations. Scientists will soon launch the first customized cancer vaccine. It will play a crucial role in treating different tumors.

10. Sewer-free Sanitation

Advanced toilets can function efficiently without sewer systems. Close to 2.3 billion worldwide lack proper sanitation. It forces them to dispose of human waste in streams and other water bodies.

Most businesses apply different technologies to cut down their operational costs and to promote new products. Some of them use robots with a firm grip on objects. Betting firms such as Betway automate major tasks to provide a thrilling gambling experience to punters. Some AI assistants can easily communicate with human beings.

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