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Now the series of the most important matches of the season begins in the Primera, and very soon all important questions will be answered. In particular, a rather intense struggle is now unfolding for places in the Champions League zone. Quite unexpectedly, Atletico is not in the top 4 before the decisive part of the season. However, the players of Diego Simeone are very close to the top, so it is enough for them to gain only a couple of victories to return to the coveted position, which will give them the right to play in the Champions League the next season.

You can always follow all today’s soccer results of Diego Simeone’s team on the website of sports statistics. Now, when many games will be held simultaneously, the importance of such resource increases.

In general, we can say that the fate of Atletico almost completely depends on the players of the Mattresses-makers themselves. If they will be able to demonstrate all their skills, then qualifying for the Champions League is quite possible. However, almost any misfire can cost the team quite expensive, which forces players to consider each of the upcoming games as crucial.

List of La Liga fixtures

The upcoming games will decide the fate of the players of Diego Simeone. Judging by the La Liga fixtures, it can be surely said that the team has an important part of the tournament ahead of it. However, Atletico is quite capable of overcoming every obstacle with dignity, because there factors for the club’s success:

  1. Cool selection of performers in each line. In Spain, only Real and Barcelona have better lineups.
  2. Individual skills of the main stars of the team. Thanks to them, the club can always count on the fact that any confrontation will end in its favour.
  3. Great coaching experience of Diego Simeone. The Argentine has been leading the team for almost 10 years, so he perfectly knows the capabilities of all his performers. This fact helps him set the optimal lineup for each game.

Thus, the La Liga fixtures will define whether the team will be able to get into the main European competition the next season. However, fans of the Mattress-makers should not worry, because now their favourites are on a good move, which means that qualifying for the Champions League zone will be quite easy for them. The website of sports statistics will always help fans find out how everything will really turn out in the fight for the coveted trophy of the Spanish national championship.

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