4 Funny Reasons Why Nigerian Women Should Start Proposing To Men

Nigeria is a country full of traditions unlike many other
countries around the world. It is almost a taboo for a woman to ask a
man’s hand in marriage.

Women generally have fantasies that someday a Mr. Right go down on
his knees with a diamond encrusted ring to ask them for marriage.
But hey, we live in a world where change occurs over time and
conventions are broken. Well times are changing yet again and with a
deep sense of humor we look at five reasons why Nigerian women should
start proposing to men.

1. Well, What A Man Can Do A Woman Can Do Better
We all know the popular saying “what a man can do a woman can do
better”? Feminism is the order of the day and women want equality badly.
How about some equality in the area of marriage proposals. Huh?
Instead of waiting for the conventional marriage proposal of going on
his knees to pop the question, you can take charge and save him the

2. Men Are Like Babies, Just Pick One
Just like little boys who love to be adored by their mums, men want
to be pampered by the women they are dating. Yes, you heard right men
want to be treated like babies.
He wants all the massages, special attention, care and pampering as
much as you do and he probably deserves it as well. Nothing stops a
woman from taking the initiative to show how much she cares by giving
him a ring.
One you’re sure he is the right baby for you, set for the right mood and things should go smoothly with your proposal. Hehe.

3. Time Isn’t On A (nigerian) Woman’s Side
There’s so much pressure on young Nigerian women to get married. In
fact, this leads many of them to picking the wrong man. There’s pressure
from Mum and Dad, pressure from friends and pressure from extended
family. The seemingly bad girls get married earlier than the good ones.
What should you do? Well, if you believe you have found with Mr.
Right for some reason he isn’t flashing an engagement ring, you better
pin him down sharp sharp.

4. Young Lady, You’ve Got Serious Competition
We all know things are getting tougher and more competitive in
Nigeria. Back in the day, Nigerian men married at 25 now, guys are
waiting till after 30 sometimes 35. The average man wants a car and a
house before marriage. The cost of these packages means he’s got to wait
longer. Even bride price has gone up due to inflation.
There are fewer men available for the increasing number of single
searching ladies. If you’ve have one who is a bit comfortable and not
too bad looking you better put a chain on his neck or like they say in
Yoruba…cook him some nice vegetables.
Good luck with your proposal and please don’t take this post too serious.

Source: Naijaloaded

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