10 Things You Can Do After A Broken Relationship

10 Things You Can Do After A Broken Relationship

The earlier a lady start to realise that not all relationships leads to marriage the better.

So before  you start blaming  someone for your misfortune in your relationship, first think of how you can make your life much better.

Relationships are meant to be nurtured till they reach their destination which is marriage.
While some ladies are single-phobia that is fear of being single, some do think that time can heal all wounds.

I can confidently tell you that time does not a heal a broken relationship, the activities you do within that period is what will surpress the pain after the break up.

So before you start roaming about the street, tearing up yourself all in the name of a broken relationship, here is probably some things you should do:

1. Talk to someone or a close friend about your failed relationship

You just need to pour out your mind, let other people know what you are facing and probably if they can help you out with some advice.

Talking about your past sometimes makes it look like it was in the past and from there you will begin to talk about the present things.

Never try to keep things in your heart for so long because it might cause more harm than good.

It is just better to cry out than to cry inside. Pouring out your mind will make everything within your heart be at peace.

2. Analyze how the relationship has helped to improve your life

Most ladies tend to ignore the fact even though a relationship has failed, it does not mean it has not in any way made you a better person.

Ladeis always try to put the blame on their other partners. The fact still remains that there are still some other positive side of the relationship you can pick. You can even analyze the bad side of the relationship and try to improve yourself for the future.

Sometimes crying does not solve issue, but the ability to pick up yourself from your shortcomings and look for ways to make amendment solves the problem.

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3 You can create a music play list

 When you are down as a result of break up, you can just create a play list for yourself.
Listen to the music you love to help ease the pain. Music is life, listening to it can actually help you to forget some things at a particular time and hopefully help you to focus on things that are yet to come.

4. Associate or Mingle with your friends

When you mingle with the right kind of friends, you will forget about your sorrow as friends can bring out the best in you. Whenever you are down as a result of failed relationship just try to hang around with friends and have fun.

5. Hit the gym

This is not a necessity but it’s definitely a time waster that will help you to forget about things you don’t ant to remember and it turn helps you to be fit. Proper fitness is good for the health. instead of crying, why not hit up the gym and get a good shape.

6. Take a long vacation

After a failed relationship, you van take a trip to favourite places of your choice and have fun.
You can even use that opportunity to visit you have never been before or even visit palces you have so much desired to go but was unable because of your relationship then.

7. Change your looks

Here you can actually change your hairstyle or even visit the make up center to have your make-up modified. Just try to look good for the future guy that will have interest in you.

You just don’t have to be disorganised because of a broken relationship, after all it’s a broken relatonship and not broken home.

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8. Take a break from social media

Most ladies are usually fond of pouring out their mind after a break up on various social media platforms.

Social media will never help you, infact it will cause more harm than good as most people on the social media are there to have fun. All they will do is to have fun with your post.

So after a break up, make sure to take a break or distance yourself from the various social media platforms and focus on other things that will make you feel better.

9. Hit the delete button

One thing that is certain is that if you keep on reading the past conversation you have had with your ex, you will continue to have a memory of everything you had together.

So you must make sure you delete every bit of your past conversation and even delete him from your social media accounts as anytime his account pop up on your timeline, might make you feel so bad.

10. You must forgive and forget

While it might be so easy to fogive but not easy to forget, you must try to put everything behind you, let everything pass away, be refreshed and start a new life.

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