10 Things That Happen To Your Body When You STOP Making Love

Here are ten things that can happen to you if you stop having s*x. According to YourTango;

1. You’re get sick more often.

Dr Cory B. Honickman says our immune system gets weaker when we’re
not getting any. Want to avoid the cold and flu? Have more s*x. Sounds
like a win-win preposition if you ask us.

2. Your stress levels increase.

You can get more anxious because there’s a decrease in “feel good”
hormones being released, says Dr. Honickman. Lack of s*x is stressful.
Even studies have shown that when you’re going through a s*x rut, you
absolutely have a harder time dealing with stress-inducing situations.

3. You have a harder time getting aroused.

On the other hand, men could begin to suffer from erectile
dysfunction, specifically premature ejaculation. (Hey, the penis IS a
muscle. It’s like they say at the gym: use it or lose it.)

4. Your dreams change.

On the positive side of things, you may start having s*x dreams or
even orgasm in your sleep. It’s not the same as the real deal, but it’s a
nice substitute.

5. You lose urge to have s*x.

 Dr. Honickman says that you will start to want s*x less if you
haven’t gotten any in a while. Your libido is going to feel off or
different than it normally does. And it’s normal that it feels abnormal.

6. You grow apart from your partner.

If you’re in a relationship, you may start getting insecure about the
connection you have with your honey. To that end, other people are
going to become more attractive to you. Take this as a sign that a
healthy s*x life is important.

7. You self-esteem might suffer.

You may feel less attractive and more sad. It’s believed semen has
anti-depressant qualities— and no, that’s not just something men have
made up so we blow them. Using a condom can have these negative
reactions as well.

8. For men, the risk for prostate cancer rises.

It’s more than your immune system. Dr. Honickman says a man’s risk
for prostate cancer rises if they go without having s*x for long periods
of time. That seems pretty unfair. No orgasms AND you might die.
Thanks, universe.

9. Your vaginal walls get weaker.

Having s*x can be like a workout for your Kegels. So even if you
aren’t getting any, it’s important to remember to do your Kegel
exercises on a daily basis.

10. Your risk of STIs will decrease.

Hey, there’s a silver lining for everything. And interestingly, so
does your risk of UTIs. Most of these occur within 24 hours of having
s*x. No s*x, majorly decreased chance of infection.

Source: Your Tango

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