10 Signs To Know If Your Girlfriend Is A Wife Material

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 I know most guys out there usually contemplate on who to marry as a wife or if actually the girlfriend thy are dating is really the one they are to take into their home. The guys who usually end up with the best woman are those that look way beyond physical beauty and look more into character.
Most men are advised to date her for at least 6 months before going into marriage so that they won’t end up with the wrong lady. The breaking news is that most ladies can actually pretend as much as some guys do to deceive ladies.  So here are 10 signs to know if  she’s a wife material.

  1. She’s very respectful.  Respect plays a significant role in a relationship. A lady that can respect every aspect of you is ready to abide with you in everything. 
  2. She’s Dependable. Most ladies nowadays love to depend on guys for any little thing they need as if the guy is even their father. A wife material will always be very hardworking o her own that even others can depend on her.
  3. She’s never ready to have sex until after marriage. As much as sex plays a role in a relationship doesn’t mean that everything should be about sex. A lady must to learn reserve herself for her husband, she must learn to value her body more than material things.
  4. She should pray for your everyday development, and closeness to God.
  5. She must spend time in supporting your vision, and aligning hers with yours.
  6. She must be a good cook. 
  7. Talks about your family and how to solve their needs as if she’s got no family.
  8. Compliments your actions and corrects you calmly.
  9. Always ready to listen to you even when you scream, and besides she must be nurturing.
  10.  She must love Children. when a lady loves to be around little kids, it simply shows her love for responsibility.
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