Who Is Suzan Ade Coker? Biography, Wiki, Age, Net Worth & Pictures

Suzan Ade Coker (born on July 31) is an entrepreneur and social media influencer. She is well known as the founder of RantHQ, a Facebook group that boast of over 1.2 million members. She is also into property management.

Suzan Ade Coker
Quick Facts
Also Known As:Aunty Susu
Birth Date:July 31
Birth Place:Lagos State
State Of Origin:Osun State, Nigeria
Occupation:Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$200k-$500k

Early Life

Suzan Ade Coker was born on July 31 to parents who are pastors.

She was born and raised in Lagos and originally hails from Ilesha, Osun State.

Aunty Susu as fondly called is a Nigerian by origin and British by residence.


The UK based social media enthusiast is well known for her facebook group, RantHQ which was started on August 19, 2017.

After she quit her job, she began to do it full time and then the business part had to come up. She started doing charity and have visited so many orphanages across the country including Lagos, Oyo, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

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She is always known to use her page as a voice to reach out to people on numerous issues.

She has become adept at deploying the widespread membership of the group to do a philanthropy to a diversity of people in need of public assistance towards dealing with major health challenges.

Aside being an influencer, she is a fashion designer and also into property management.

About RantHQ

RantHq is a social media platform which encourage members to express their opinions, thoughts and experiences on differenet issues. It is a platform which was created on August 9, 2017 in the UK as an avenue for people to joke, rant for the fun of it.

It also turned out to be a platform for raising funds to support charitable programs and events.

Personal Life

Ade Coker was married with Kids before she eventually parted ways with the father of her children. Her kids stays with their father in London.

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Net Worth

Suzan Ade Coker net worth is estimated between $200,000- $500,000.

Social Media Profile

  • Instagram: @adecokersuzan
  • Facebook: Suzan Ade Coker
  • Website: Ranthq.org

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