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The Nigerian love doctor, Adejoro Olubusyao Olumofin simply known as Joro Olumofin is a social media influencer and entrepreneur born on August 22, 1986. Joro is a Nigerian blogger and relationship expert with motivation to help people with general life issues. He owns the Africa’s No.1 Relationship Blog on Instagram.

Joro Olumofin
Quick Facts
Birth Name:Adejoro Olubusyao Olumofin
Birth Date:August 22, 1986
Birth Place:Lagos, Nigeria
Origin:Ondo State, Nigeria
Occupation:Social Media Influencer, Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$600,000

Early Life & Background

Joro was born on August 22, 1986 in Lagos state and hails from Ondo state, western part of Nigeria.

He is the last of four sons of his parents. He went to Command Chrisland Estate School for his secondary education.

He also obtained a Bachelors degree and Masters degree Psychology at the University of Lagos.

He had always focused on industrial psychology until he realized that there were more pressing issues in men and women relationship.


The whole love stories journey started for Joro by writing articles and discussing about unwanted issues and controversial topics such as advising women to keep fit and reducing pot bellies to be able to find suitors and men giving their wives their ATM cards.

At first, people were furious about it but as time goes on, the emails began coming for Joro where each and everyone felt more comfortable to discuss their issues.

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He launched a bead and hair care product and also has plan to turn all the stories on his blog to movies.

He is also into real estate. His brother is into Oil and gas, so they often do business together.

Personal Life

Joro Olumofin revealed he was in a relationship with a lady for five years until she broke his heart and that has led to his experience of helping out people with similar issues.


The relationship expert was under fire after sharing the 25 list of how to identify a wife material. See list below:

  • She attends church every Sunday & also mid week service.
  • Offers to pay bills on a date, pays her own transport fare.
  • Being a virgin doesn’t matter but at least 5 body Count.
  • She should be able to pray for at least 45 minutes straight and fasts at least 3 times a month.
  • Any lady who does not care if you live on the mainland or island.
  • She is not suffering from Aso Ebi syndrome i.e She can do without without buying Aso Ebi for up to 5 months.
  • Social Media followers means nothing to her.
  • She spend 65 percent of her time indoors.
  • She doesn’t demand a table when she goes to club.
  • She does not if your car has AC or not.
  • She is willing to fly economy class.
  • Family means a lot to her.
  • She does not abuse alcohol and any other substances and does not have more than one tattoo.
  • She doesn’t have more than two phones.
  • She does not care about the color of your passport.
  • She is not tribalistic.
  • She has not been involved in any social media drama.
  • She should never expose nudes or send nudes on social media,twerking or sex tape.
  • She should not have more than 10000 followers if she’s not a celebrity or stylist, makeup artist.
  • She won’t have sex on the first date.
  • She should not have professional makeup done at every outing.

Below is also his list of what Husbands should do to make their relationship work:

  • Husbands should have oral sex at least 5 times a week.
  • You must not have passwords on your phone. If passwords are necessary, your wife should have them all.
  • You must not let her food waste. A happy married man shouldn’t be seen eating outside only lunch at work is allowed.
  • Bring your wife breakfast in bed and bring back a gift from work everyday even if it is fruits, a wig or flowers.
  • Fix a prayer and fasting routine once a month with your wife to tackle personal issues.
  • Even if she a job, she deserves a weekly or monthly allowance of at least N100,000.
  • Work on your physical appearance.
  • Listen to her; No matter how tired or busy you are, listen to her and gossip with her.
  • Always appreciate your wife.

Another issue he had was with the blogger, Tunde Ednut who called Joro out for faking those emails and write ups he put up on his blog.

Although this did not got down well with Joro who also replied Tunde with the message below:

Dear Tunde,
First of all. Check your DM. I sent you some things that will Humble you and reset your brain, it’s between us as MEN. Because of my good heart I won’t proceed on this campaign to make your life miserable. Just be informed that I can but I won’t. I can dedicate the next 6 months to do this but I won’t. Because I’m not Like you who derives pleasure in putting people down.
You came after my name and the credibility of my brand that’s why I’m responding to you.
I must assert that we are not of the same ilk. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL. Let me say it again. YOU ARE NOT ON MY LEVEL in any way possible. I can Trace my Pedigree 5 generations back. I’m from an Aristocratic, Dignified family.
Can I ask you a question? :
Without Instagram, Yahoo Boys and Some celebrities funding you.
Dear Tunde, How will you eat?
Never for one day think we’re the same or you’re on my playing field.
Without Instagram i flourish on a daily basis. I enjoy what I do. Instagram is banter. No one supports anyone here. You can’t invest on IG.
Without Instagram you are Nothing, You are a jest, a quip , a jive.
Some differences in the both of us Tunde:
1️⃣ I have 4 ( Unisex) products approved by Nafdac
2️⃣ I have factories / office and staff.
3️⃣ launching another 3 products next year God willing.
4️⃣I have several registered businesses who have a good public and private sector track record. (5)Currently pursuing my PhD
1️⃣I have Male & Female celebrities gist and nudes, Pastors, Politicians, bankers. I have never posted or exposed anyone and I never will. Etc: Dear Joro. I’m pregnant for this celebrity what do I do? (2)THIS 2️⃣QUESTION IS FOR EVERYONE: is it possible that I fake 80 mails in day? Ask yourself. Is it possible? Is it possible that I’ve been faking stories for the past 4 years ? Every single day. If you think it’s possible I can’t convince you otherwise.
Back to you Tunde, I know you’re not literate enough to read this so please beg someone in Atlanta to read to you.

Net Worth

Joro Olumofin is one of the most influential Nigerian relationship expert with an estimated net worth of $600,000 dollars.

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