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Valerie Loureda is an American MMA Fighter, Taekwondo fighter, model and actress born on . She is known to fight in the Women’s Flyweight division in UFC.

Valerie Loureda
Quick Facts
Birth Date:July 19, 1998
Birth Place:Miami, USA
Occupation:Model, Actress, Taekwondo player
Education:Florida International University
Net Worth:Not Estimated

She is a talented mixed martial artist with many fights victory in the Ultimate fight championship.

She also boast of numerous accolades and medals in Olympics

Early Life

Valerie was born and raised in Miami where she hails from.

She is from a family of martial arts. Her father, Frank Loureda, owned Franks Taekwondo Academy in Miami since 1985 while her mother, Mily, was testing for blackbelt while pregnant with Valerie in 1998.


Valerie had passion for mixed martial arts and Taekwondo at a very tender age. She would appear with her father on a morning show in Miami to teach self defense.

Valerie Loureda Photo
Valerie Loureda Photo

Here’s what she has to say about being a mixed martial artist:

“When I started MMA, it was a whole different story,” Valerie says. “Imagine she’s watching me in a cage, my face bruised, training with so many men in a male-dominated industry. It’s very hard for a mother to see that. To this day when she goes to my fights, she’ll go but she’ll be in a corner. You won’t even know that she’s my mom because she’ll be hiding. She knows how passionate I am about it, because I tell her, ‘Momma, I train everyday to help change our life because you deserve it.’”

Loureda who is a professional fighter has said that she does not think people should judge others based on what they do outside of the cage.

“I don’t think you should be judging someone by how they look, and this is a problem we have in MMA,” Loureda said. “There’s a stereotype of women in this sport, and I can help change that.

“I’m a dancer, but at the same time I did tae kwon do, and no one can take that away from me. The way I am, and that’s with my dancing and fighting, that’s what makes me happy. That’s how I show women I can do that and no one should judge you. I want other women to look at that and say, ‘That sport is not only for men. I can be elegant, pretty, feminine and still be a strong woman in the cage.’

“That’s who I am, and no one is going to take that way from me. I know the message that I’m going to send. The way girls look up to me and send me messages saying they now want to learn self defense because they no longer think this is a sport for men only, that makes me happy. And that’s one of my motivations to keep winning, so I show the world that you can be that way and be a champion in this sport.”

She had won fights with the likes of Tara Graff, Larkyn Dasch, Colby Fletcher and so on.

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She announced in August 2020 that she had signed a multi-fight extension with Bellator MMA. She revealed the news with a twerking video to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP”.

Valerie Loureda is also known for posting training shots and bikini photos of herself on her Instagram page.

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Valerie Loureda Gallery

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