Jack Horner Biography & Net Worth

Jack Borner Biograpjhy & Net worth
Jack Horner biography and net worth – Photo

Jack Horner is a famous American paleonthologist born on June 15, 1946.

He is best known for discovering and naming Maiasaura, which is the evidence that some dinosaurs cared for their young.

Here are other interesting facts about him.

1. Jack Horner was born and raised in Shelby, Montana.

2. He was eight years old when he found his first dinosaur bone.

3. He studied Geology and Zoology at the University of Montana for several years.

4. Jack Horner did not complete his Bachelor’s degree due to severe dyslexia.

5. He was awarded honorary doctorate of science in 1986 at the University of Montana.

6. He also served as the technical advisor for all the Jurassic park films, had a cameo appearance in Jurassic world.

7. He got married to Vanessa Shiann Weaver in 2012.

As at 2018, Jack Horner net worth is estimated at $2100478379, which includes stock, properties and luxury goods such as Yatchts and private airplanes.

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