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Anna Olson biography

Anna Tomak Olson who is popularly known as Anna Olson is a pastry chef, television host and cookbook author born on May 4, 1968.

She is known for hosting the Bake with Annal Olson on Food Network Canada.

Here are the 10 other things you don’t know about her.

1. Anna Olson was born in Atlanta, Georgia but raised in Toronto where her parents emigrated.

2. She obtained a degree in Political studis and Sociology from Queen’s University in Kingston.

3. She also studied Cooking at the College of Culinary Arts at Jihnson & Wales University.

4. She is of Slovakian heritage.

5. She alos worked in a bank in Toronto.

6. Anna Olson has written so many books including The Inn on the twenty cookbook, Sugar and Anna & Michael Olson Cook which was co-authored with her husband.

7. Her love for the kitchen was influenced by her grand mother.

8. She is married to Michael Olson.

9. Anna has endorde and done various canadian national commercials for Starbucks, Pillsbury, Splenda, Kitchen aid and Home Hardware.

10. Anna Olson is one of the most influential pastry chef with an estimated net worth of $8 milllion USD.

More Photos of Anna Olson below:

Anna Olson in the kitchen
Anna Olson pictured in the kitchen
Anna Olson and her hsuband
Anna Olson doing dishes with her husband, Michael Olson

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