Collective Nouns: Meaning, List & Examples

Collective Nouns: Meaning, List & Examples

Collective nouns are those terms used to describe groups of specific things. They can be used to describe animals, people, objects and even abstract ideas.

Using collective nouns effectively is all about choosing the right term and using it sparingly. This article discusses about collective nouns, list, examples and their usage:

Collective Nouns by Category

Here’s a list of collective nouns categorized by the type of group they describe:



A pride of lions, a dazzle of zebras, acrash of rhinoceroses, A pod of whales or dolphins, A bloat of hippos, A shrewdness of monkeys, A pack of wolves or dogs, A bale of walruses, A hover of flies Birds: A murder of crows, A parliament of owls, A flock of birds, A covey of quail, A gaggle of geese Fish: A pod of dolphins or whales.


A swarm of bees, An army of ants, A cloud of butterflies, A hive of bees.


A nest of snakes, A bask of crocodiles, A lethargy of alligator.


A spawn of frogs.



A band of musicians, A cast of actors, A crew of sailors, A faculty of teachers, A staff of teachers, A board of directors, A company of dancers, A troupe of performers.


A crowd of people, A family of people, A team of players, A tribe of people.


    • Vehicles: A fleet of ships, A convoy of trucks. Flowers: A bouquet of flowers, A bunch of flowers. Stars: A galaxy of stars, A constellation of stars. Furniture: A set of furniture. Clothes:A pair of shoes, A suit of clothes
    • Abstract Concepts: A cascade of laughter, A whirlwind of emotions.
    • Others: A murder of crows, A clowder of cats, A parliament of owls, A cloud of bloggers, A memeplex of memes.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are the frequently asked questions and answers related to Collective Nouns:

    • What are collective nouns? Collective nouns are special names used to describe groups of specific things.
    • Why do we have collective nouns? We have collective nouns to describe group of things.
    • What are some interesting collective nouns for animals? The animal kingdom boasts the most diverse collection of collective nouns! Here are a few unique ones: A murder of crows, A dazzle of zebras, A pod of whales or dolphins.
    • What are some collective nouns for people? Collective nouns can describe people based on their profession (like a band of musicians) or simply as a group (like a crowd of people).
    • Can collective nouns be used for abstract concepts? Yes! Collective nouns can add a touch of imagery and flair to abstract ideas. For example: A cascade of laughter, A whirlwind of emotions.
    • How can I use collective nouns effectively in my writing? Collective nouns can elevate your writing by adding precision, imagery, and a touch of whimsy.
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