Best Tech For Online Gaming You Should Know

Best Tech For Online Gaming

The whole genre of games have changed in the past years because of new technologies, including virtual reality. Only 20 years ago, we didn’t have HD graphics, and the games were very simple and easier to make. Nowadays, millions of dollars are invested in every game, and the industry is very competitive.

Even online casino games are more interesting than the ones we used to play a couple of decades ago. The great thing is that we have eSports to make the games more competitive, which brings investors to the providers.

Without any investors, it would be very hard to compete with games that are here just for the money. Pay to win has been a problem in the last decade, but large organizations are finding new ways to make money.

Augmented Reality

AR is in the shadow of VR just because there aren’t as many investments as in virtual reality technology, but at some point, it will be used more. One of the biggest mistakes the Meta made is to force people to use VR for the things that AR would be perfect for. 

For example, when you want to have a meeting, there’s no need to go into a virtual place and talk to someone. Instead, you can have them appear in your house.

The technology is still underdeveloped, but there are already some games that you can play on AR. They are usually very simple, like collecting or finding something, as in an arcade game, because it’s quite difficult to make something else. The bigger problem is the price which can go over $2000. This is also one of the reasons why so many people are using VR instead.

Virtual Reality

VR is a much cheaper option than AR, and most gaming providers are making games for virtual reality headsets. One of the things you should definitely try when you buy a headset is the new Half-Life game which won many rewards in the VR field, and some people think it’s the best game ever made.

Virtual reality will definitely change the future of gaming, which is already happening, but it will take some time to make the technology even better. Nowadays, you can buy some of the best headsets for around $1300, but the price will go down once more companies jump on the opportunity.

One of the problems with these headsets is that people need to get used to wearing them because they are quite big and can cause headaches. There are new technologies being made that will work with the headset to make the in-game experience even better.

Mobile Console Gaming

If you consider Nintendo Switch as a console gaming platform, you might say the same for your phone because new controllers are allowing us to have the same experience as on any other console. 

The mobile gaming industry earns more money than PC gaming which brings new opportunities like investing in technology that will improve the games and also investing in eSports, which is a bit falling behind.

Around $100 billion was made in 2020 in the mobile gaming industry, and this trend is on the rise. It’s a smaller device than your PC or PS5, which makes it more convenient for people that love gaming but don’t have the time to play.

Facial and Voice Recognition

There’s been a lot of work in the past years to make facial recognition useful in gaming, but other industries actually helped more. Facial and voice recognition has been used in the safety and security industry for a while now, and gaming providers took that knowledge and applied it to games.

Imagine that you can give voice commands to your champion or use your facial expressions when you are talking in-game. This will be amazing to see in upcoming years once it gets fully implemented. VR headsets are using this technology to a certain extent, but it doesn’t feel natural yet.

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