What Type of Technology is Used in UFC?

What Type of Technology is Used in UFC?
What Type of Technology is Used in UFC?

UFC and MMA grew in popularity in the last decade, which made the industry huge, and some of the most-paid athletes are from combat sports. When a particular sport grows that much, it usually means that there will be major changes, and there were in the UFC when Dana White took it over in 2001. He changed the game, and he is still working hard to implement things that are common for the time we live in.

It’s hard to connect every event with the viewers and sponsors, especially when they are occurring in a smaller arena compared to basketball or soccer games. Even finding UFC odds can be difficult for some people, but new technologies are making it possible.

There are different parts of UFC where new technologies are being implemented. One of them is regarding athletes, and the other is a part of the event and organizational changes. Either way, new technologies are upping the game and making it more interesting.

4D Sight Platform

Probably the biggest news in recent times was the implementation of new technologies owned by 4D Sight, which is collaborating with many organizations, including gaming and sports. They are a live monetization platform that helps these organizations create proper monetization techniques and provide them with technology that will target the viewers directly, depending on the location.

A great advantage that they have is that the sponsorship images can be placed anywhere on the field, in this case, the octagon, for viewers to see without making any interference. This is very important when you want to target different languages and brands that are common for a certain region.

Because most people are watching matches from a certain TV provider or online platform, it’s been a problem for them to target specific markets. From now on, this won’t be an issue which means more money for the organization and the athletes.

Oxygen Mask

Oxygen or altitude mask is a piece of tech that was made a long time ago, but there have been many changes over the years. At first, it was only meant to keep your breathing stable so you can have hard cardio training. When that wasn’t enough, people realized that they could use the oxygen from higher altitudes to make them stronger.

There are numerous benefits of breathing the air from higher altitudes, including better oxygen usage efficiency and an increase in lung capacity. The price depends on the brand, but you can expect to spend a couple of hundred dollars. This isn’t expensive, considering how great it is for professional fighters.


This isn’t a part of technology that any fighter can reach because it’s very expensive. Neuroscience has gone a long way in the past couple of decades, and it helped us explore our bodies in a way we didn’t know before. If you are a fighter, it would be great if you could visit one of the facilities that work with athletes to let them know how they should approach training.

By hooking you up to a few machines that measure everything that is going on in your body, including your brain, they can provide valuable feedback. You can use this feedback with your coach to change the training and improve much faster.

New Cameras

Another important part for event organizations is new cameras that have sensors to keep up with the fighters and provide valuable insights. This is mostly used for statistical purposes so everyone can keep track of how the fight went. It’s great for both the fighters and UFC because both parties can use it to their advantage.

Bookmakers love statistics and information which they can use when providing offers to their players. There wouldn’t be many betting options if we didn’t have the technology to support it. This will be enhanced in the future, but there are already more than 30 factors that these cameras are taking into consideration.

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