Anastasiya Berthier Biography: Age, Net Worth

Anastasiya Berthier (born January 25, 1996)is a Russian model and Photographer. She came to prominence as a freelance graphic designer and content writer for an online magazine. She is also a professional graphics designer and a painter with several commissioned works to her credits.

Anastasiya Berthier
Anastasiya Berthier: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Date of Birth:January 25, 1984
Birth Place:Moscow, Russia
Occupation:Model, Photographer
Net Worth:$200,000-$450,000

Early Life

Anastasiya Berthier was born on January 25, 1996 in Moscow, Russian. She had both her elementary and high school education in Moscow. She also obtained a degree from the University of Moscow.


Anastasiya had passion for modelling at a very early she. She passed through a lot while growing up but decided to use all of that to her advantage.

Even after she was bodyshamed for her breast, she took courage by posting pictures of herself on social media. she began to receive positive comments from people who admires her big breast. She started posting sexy pictures of herself and attracts more followers to her Instagram page.

She also has interest in painting and couldn’t help but to take painting as a part-time career of which she works hours every week on different paintings.

Anastasiya also post pictures of her paintings on social media to promote her work. This also gained attention from clients and thereby hired to commission paintings.

She later moved from Russia to United Arab Emirates in Dubai for the upliftment of her work and that brought more growth to her career while earning more money with her skills; Graphics Design and Content Writing.

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Personal Life

Anastasiya resides in Dubai in a spacious house located in a high-brow neighborhood. She is also a lover of pets and has a thing for tattoos.

Net Worth

Anastasiya Berthier has an estimated net worth of $200,000-$450,000.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @artdikaya_77
  • Twitter: @ArtDikaya

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