Zahra Elise Biography: Wiki, Age, Net Worth

Zahra Elise biography, age, net worth

Zahra Elisa is a famous instagram model and socialite born on December 30, 1993 at Virginia Beach, Virginia.

She was raised in Temecula, California and the eldest in a family of six children.

The curvy model is of mixed ethnicity, native American tribe, northern America, north Africa, Japanese and traits of middle eastern.

Other interesting facts about Zahra Elia

1. She was a tomboy before she eventually changed.

2. She was said to be in a relationship with Usain Bolt, a rumour which she denied.

3. Aside Acting, she’s also an actress who was part of Nick Cannons sketch comedy and improv show, Wild ‘n Out.

4. Zahra Elisa net worth is estimated at $230,000.

Body Measurements

  • Height – 170cm
  • Wieght – 65kg
  • Bust – 34″
  • Hips – 43″
  • Waist – 26″

Check out Zahra Elise cute pictures below

Zahra Elise photo Zahra Elise picture

Social Media Profile

Instagram @zahraelise
Twitter @zahraelise_
Facebook: ZahraEliseFans

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