Chinenye Nnebe Biography: Age, Movies, Pictures

Chinenye Nnebe biography, age, movies, father, mother, siblings, net worth, Family & Pictures

Chinenye Nnebe is a fast rising nollywood actress and model born on April 5, 1997.

She is the daughter of the movie producer and actress, Uche Nancy.

Chinenye attended St Augustine’s College and after her secondary education, she began following the footsteps of her mother in the movie industry.

She’s a beautiful and quite intelligent actress known for her role as Dr Zahra in the movie DRY where she was raped and lost her family at some point.

She has also starred in quite a number of her mother’s movies.

Ever since she came to limelight, she has starred in several movies including The Seed, Save the Baby, Proof of life, Gallant Babes, Voice of a mother, Mother’s heart, World of Lust, Living Nightmare and many others.

See some of her photos below:

Chinenye Nnebe picture
Chinenye Nnebe photos

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        1. Hello sweetheart I love your movies especially perfect house boy so amazing.I love you from Kenya here you are welcomed

      1. You are such a good actress. I love you,keep on doing your work. I really like the movie fake love. It has thought me alot

  1. I don’t what to say to you but quite silent of me his that you are so amazing each time you are acting on the movies keep it up

  2. You are my best female actress right and watch no other movie when I have yours. Keep the hard work and you could see yourself at Hollywood sooner then later. Your family is life is just what I can’t stop reading about. You are my best. I am a Liberian.

  3. hi damsel! I just watch your movie title MY HUSBAND LEFT ME FOR A CLEANER. I almost shade tears when you were issued the sack letter, this movie express contemporary issue in our society. real tragidy/comedy.I PRAY THAT LORD WILL UPLIFT YOU TO THE PEAK. I will be optimistic that one will meet you.

  4. Best actress for our time keep the good works up and don,t forget to give all the glory to the Almighty . I love and cherish you girl you are my best


  6. girl i really love your movies pls dont deviate from the desent girl that you have always be i love you may god bless you amen

  7. chy i so much love your movies especially grace upon grace. i really love your movies keep it up ok, i love you . cute baby

  8. chinny i soo much love ur movies,i wish i can be acting like u someday….it have been my passion since i was a kid

  9. wow! Even though am not a socialist, I was forced to search for you after watching your performance…. I wish you a successful career in life

  10. Miss Chinenye I love watching ur movies coz I love the way u act both in words and in speech,plz I wish u could teach or help me to be a star like u. Pls cont’d to act movies for me coz ur movies makes me to be happy each time I watch them. I wish u long life & prosperity. God bless u

  11. I Think you are the best all over the world no one can be compared with you ,absolutely you are nice

  12. I have just finished watching ur movie title” the pride of a housemaid” keep up, ur a star.

  13. well I love everything abt ur acting u are a decent girl,most of us have d talents but we don’t know hw to come up, for instance am one of them,it really pains me seeing my mate coming up but am still where I am.just keep it up dear.

    1. Oh chinny you are such a beautiful damsel
      I really love you and your movies
      I will be glad to meet you face to face
      👍 Keep it up darling

    2. She’s my crush n I love her acting skills, she’s very talented n will go far in life, stay humble u hv a unique quality

  14. I really appreciate you movies sister and I love you so much can I get your number plz my name is thresia maclean

  15. Dear Nenye I love everything about you u are so beautiful I wish I can meet u I love ur movies and I love u more

  16. Hi chinenye,my namesake actually just want to say your movies are actually meaningful Nd touching too…like Youngest wife

  17. Hi Chinenye i love everything about you u are so beautiful like an angel when i sees ur angelic smile it motivate me more to watch ur movies may d almighty God gives u More wisdom and knowledge to promote ur talent inJ Amen.A Wisdom Karimotei am Ijaw boy am ur fan i luv u 07059876140

  18. Hi chinenye I love you and any product of yours. See I like you more when ever you act as an orphan or when you have no one by your side in other words pitty moment. Just keep it up beautiful one

  19. waaa chi baby you made my dày to day after watching your movie you are such a wonderful lady (How to train a child) you taught us thanks alot love mwaaaaaa

  20. my love you make me sleepless night always thinking about you are the best i love your movies for this short period in nigeria movie industry you have gone higher than expected ride on baby the lord is your strength.

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