Who Is Wil Wheaton? Bio, Age, Wiki, Movies, Net Worth & Pictures

Who Is Wil Wheaton? Bio, Age, Wiki, Movies, Net Worth & Pictures

Richard William ‘Wil’ Wheaton III popularly known as Wil Wheaton, is an American actor, television personality, blogger, voice actor and writer born on July 29, 1972.

Whaton is well known for his roles as Wesley Crusher on the tv series, Star Trek: Next Generation, Gordie Lachance in the movie Stand By Me and Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers.

He is also the host and co-creator of the Youtube board game show “Table Top”.

Wheaton who has a height of 5 feet 11 inches, is a talented actor that has won millions of hearts with his intriguing roles in both movies and television films, lets get to know more about Wil Wheaton in details.

Early Life & Background

Wheaton was born in Burbank, California, U.S to Debra Nordean, an actress and Richard William Wheaton Jr., a medical specialist.

He has two siblings, a brother named Jeremy and a sister, Amy.


Wheaton started his acting career in 1981 with a role in the television film A Long Way Home and his first cinema role was as Martin Brisby in the animated film The Secret of NIMH, the movie adaptation of Robert O’Brien’s book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Wheaton came to limelight for his role as Gordie Lachance in ‘Stand By Me’, a film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella ‘The Body’.

Wil Wheaton photo

The actor who appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first four season, has also starred in other movies such as The Last Star Fighter, Hambone and Hillie, Long Time Gone, Toy Soldiers, Mr Stitch and so on.

As a writer, Wheaton has recorded several of his non-published books as downloadable audio-books which include Just a Geek, Dancing Barefoot and The Happiest Days of Our Lives and many others. He also narrated several audio books by by other authors such as Ready Player One and Armanda by Ernest Cline, Homeland by Cory Doctorw, Masters of Doom by David Kushner and so on.

Personal Life

Wheaton got married to Anne Prince on November 7, 1999. His wife already had two children from a previous relationship whereby one of them was legally adopted by him.

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Net Worth

Wil Wheaton is one of the most influential American actor with an estimated net worth of $500,000.

You can reach out to him on Twitter @wilw

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