These Nollywood Celebs Are Simply The Best In Keeping Their Privacy

These celebs aare the best in keeping their privacy - Jackie appiah and chioma chukwuka

Once you attain the status of a celebrity, there is tendency of Losing your privacy as every part and facet of your life becomes public. But for some celebrities this is not totally true.

Some celebrities do maintain their status as a celeb and still hold on to some parts of their lives by not making it available for public consumption.

The most important part of their life they hold away from public  view is marriage/family.

As wide as the entertainment industry is and as open as the social media is today, some celebrities are just totally good at making their maariage and family private. They leave us guessing if they are actually married or single, you can never tell if they have children or how many children they have.

Two of the celebrities in these category include:

1. Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha: Chioma is not new in the movie industry. We knew her right from when she changed her name from Chukwuka to Akpotha and that was it.

Only few can beat their chest that they know the actress’ husband and children as she does not bring her family into social media.

2. Jackie Appiah: Some say she’s married while some say she’s single. Some say she has just one child, others say she has two.

Some say she’s divorced, others say she’s just separated. Nobody really knows the real fact about Jackie Appiah’s status as she has succesfully separated her tatus as a celeb and and her status as a human with rights to privacy.

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