Tatiana Manaois Biography: Age, Songs & Pictures

Tatiana Manaois Biography: Age, Songs, Parents, Relationship, & Pictures
Tatiana Manaois Biography: Age, Songs, Parents, Relationship & Pictures

Tatiana Manaois is an American singer and songwriter born on October 22, 1996.

She is a versatile singer with musical genre of Pop and Folk.

She rose to fame for doing covers of songs of top artist such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Chris Rene, Ed Sheeran and so on.

Tatiana is not only a vocalist, she’s a multi-instrumentalist with lots of passion for the guitar.

Tatiana Manaois Bio-Data

  • Also Known As: Itstatianam
  • Date of Birth: October 22, 1996
  • Place of Birth: California, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Relationship: Single
  • Parents (Father & Mother): Unknown
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Contact: Unknown

Tatiana started writing her own songs in 2010 and has continued to build her fan base online.

Tatiana Manaois

She’s a self signed artist with top notch albums such as “Speak now or Forever Hold Your Pain” and “Lovely”.

She also has many hit singles which include: Helplessly and Like You which became popular on YouTube and Vine.

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Tatiana Manaois Songs

  • You Mean To Tell Me
  • Beauty Songs
  • Helplessly
  • Like You
  • Life Is One Big Fight
  • Heaven
  • This Melody
  • All The Time
  • Loved Like This
  • Summer Marie
  • Everything Changed
  • Then I Saw You
  • No Good For Me
  • Simple & Sweet
  • Mine
  • Find Me
  • Choose
  • No Better
  • Be There

Social Media Profile

  • Instagram @itstatianam
  • Tumblr – Tatiana Manaois
  • Facebook – Tatiana Manaois

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    1. I love you Tatiana….
      I love you just the way u are….
      Am ur num 1 fan from Nigeria…
      U are my role model ….I love everything abt u…..,

  1. I love her very much especially when am in said mood when I listen to her song I feel happy love you more Tatiana Monaois

  2. Am not only in love with you Tatiana neither am I just a fan of you,you are my role model I like everything about you,your songs are so touching,your songs makes me happy and sad at the same time….

  3. Tatiana manois your songs were so original,your voice so unique and when am in a bad mood it calm me down and relaxes me through your söngs. ##u inspires me a lot.LOVE U TATIANA .

  4. Mïss Çöñfïdèñçë

    Ooooo my Tatiana i so much love you and I derives an endless joy whenever I listens to ur song I just wish i can meet you in person… Am a real fan.LOVE UUUUU😘😘💖💕💞

  5. I love titiana ur song “like u” and “i want u” and “you mean to tell me” has help me alot in my relationship i reall love you

  6. Love u Tatiana . Your musics impress me
    Most musics I listen to on my audiomack contain of yours
    Most video I watch on my vital music is yours
    You gives me more inspiration of life
    Then I wish to meet u. If just to take a snap.
    Love you!!!

  7. Prosper the Hunter.

    Tatiana, with your music, you are not just another musician but a rare gift to the World especially myself.
    Love you and everything about you so so much.
    How can I ever see you in real life so that I will be complete?
    Love from Nigeria.

  8. I love you Tatiana Manaois
    I have finally found my favourite artiste
    I love you so so so much
    Please, pay us a visit in Nigeria someday.

  9. Otimnimungu Daniel ugandan

    Tatiana is very talented in love songs with meaningful that why in Uganda all people use to enjoy her songs like helplessly and you mean to tell me

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