Saina Tchaas Nu ‘LaSaina’ Bio: Age & Pictures

Saina Tchaas Nu 'LaSaina' Bio: Age, Measurements, Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Saina Tchaas Nu well known as LaSaina is an American Lawyer, Creative Strategist, Social media influencer and philanthropist based in Washington DC.

Saina is a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property on legal matters facing the television, music art, tech and fashion industries while focusing on the protection of creative rights of musicians, actors, designers, models, tech start ups and so on.

The beautiful and Curvy with model looks is a versatile personnel with diverse business mindset.

She makes use of her lifestyle website ‘’ to offer health and wellness advice, beauty and lifestyle tips, travel collections and food recipes from around the globe while promoting self love and body positivity.

She frequently collaborates on Special projects and events with brand representatives, artists, producers, designers and creative professionals from around the world.

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Saina is an entrepreneur. She founded Nuri Nahara, an emerging concept brand and cultural apparel line while in second year of Law school. The brand was established in response to ongoing demand for unique garments that reflect the beauty of diverse cultural designs.

She’s also a fashion designer and had began her own clothing line at the age of 12. She was influenced by her love for garments from regions through out the African, Asian, Caribbean and Latin American diasporas. She’s able to infuse a diverse range of stylistic elements into her pieces including textile patterns and bead-work from India, Ghana, Brazil, Ethiopia and Egypt.

Saina is also said to be working on a new collection which is expected to be launch later in 2019.

Saina Tchaas Nu ‘Lasiana’ ia also a philanthropist where she donates profits from her apprel line to the establishment of College Scholarships funds for local youth in her hometown of Washington DC.

Check out some of Saina Tchaas Nu cute pictures below:

Saina photo
Saina Tchaas Nu picture

Social Media Profile

  • Instagram @LaSaina
  • Twitter @SainaTchaasNu

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