Olakira Biography: Songs & Pictures

Olakira Biography: Age, Songs & Pictures
Olakira Biography: Songs & Pictures

Olakira whose real name is Ade Ebenezer is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, composer and record producer born and raised in Ogun State.

Olakira is a versatile singer with music genres of Afrobeat, Afro pop and R&B.


Olakira started his music career as a record producer where he met with the record label executive of U & I music “Ra” in 2015.

He got introduced into the music scene with the release of two debut singles “Hey Lover” and “Flirty Signal”.

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Olaira came to limelight with the release another hit single “Aya Mi” in March 2020. Of course the song was accompanied with a lovely and colorful video.


  • Hey Lover
  • Aya Mi
  • Summer Time
  • Till Dawn
  • Olakira
  • Money Groove
  • Flirty Signal
  • Wakanda Jollof
  • Come ‘N Do
  • Ma Cherie Coco

He also has an album to his credit titled “Wankada Jollof” and it boasts of lots of exciting singles.

Ever since Olakira came to prominence, he has remained a force to reckon with in the Nigerian music scene as he stop to thrill with his amazing vocals just like the talented singer, Dotman.

Check out more of Olakira cute photos below:

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