Mpho Khati Biography: Age , Profile, Pictures

Mpho Khati Biography: Age , Profile, Pictures

Mpho Khati is a South African model who already gained the attention of her instagram fans with her rounded hips, curvaceous body and big backside.

I must admit that she’s got everything to make a man kneel at the first instance, even Shakira that sang hips don’t lie just have to see this to know the next lyrics to use in her song.

With Sanchoka, Joselyn Dumas, Toolz, still battling for the best hips, Mpho has got what it takes to be the woman with the best hips in Africa. In fact permit me to say she was created on a different day.

No doubt we have all seen full figured women around the world but this is definitely one of a kind.

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Her butt is superbly attention grabbing, her hips only speak the language the eyes can understand.

Enough said, take a look at her pictures below and tell us what you think.

Mpho Khati Pictures

Mpho khati pictures


Mpho Khati curves

Social media profile

Instagram: @Mpho_Khati

Twitter: @mphokhati

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