Major Gaurav Chaudhary Biography: Age, Family, Wife, Hometown, Height, Salary

Major Gaurav Chaudhary is an eminent major in the Indian Army.

His attractive looks, character, and commitment to the administrations of his nation, India, provided him with an eminent measure of consideration and prominence.

Major Gaurav is as of now functioning as Aide-De-Camp, ADC of the India Presidential staff.

Major Gaurav Chaudhary
Major Gaurav Chaudhary: Bio, Facts, Photo
Quick Facts
Date of Birth:August 14, 1991
Birth Place:Haryana, India
Occupation:Armed Force
Net Worth:6 feet 7 in
Weight:70 kg
Net Worth:$700,000 – $1,000,000

Early Life

Major Gaurav Chaudhary was born on August 14, 1991 in Haryana, India. He originally hails from India and grew up with his parents who has been very supportive on their part.

He has a sister and also do make mention about her son named Rohan.

He had his primary education in his home town at Haryana in India.

He is also a graduate of the National Defense Academy (NDA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA).

Since early on, he showed the characteristic of being in the military, and with the help of his loved ones, he worked constantly indefatigably until he could accomplish his fantasy.

Everything he could ever hope for came to reality in view of the difficult work and devotion he put into accomplishing them.


Like each and every other Army in India, Major Gaurav Chaudhary began from the most reduced position, which is Sepoy. Steadily, his status started to increment until he turned into a Major in the Indian Army.

Major Gaurav Chaudhary is one of those troopers who provides the request to a tactical unit. He is One position senior from the commander and two positions senior from a lieutenant.

At this moment, Major Gaurav Chaudhary is in the place of Aide-De-Camp, ADC of the staff of the leader of India.

Their premier obligation is as a convention official to the president. Moreover, they care for the execution of the conventions and as an executive assistant.

His commitment to his tactical obligation got him heaps of appreciation and identifications in the Indian armed force. A portion of the identifications incorporate the High Altitude Service award, Balindaan Badge, Combat Free Fall Badge, Special Service Medal, Sanya Seva Medal, and others.

While in the military, Major Gaurav Chaudhary got 10 Para (SF) preparing, prepared expressly for desert government assistance. Here they have been prepared to endure what is happening. What’s more individuals who are in the Indian military has affirmed it is one of the most laborious preparation in the military to date.

Personal Life

For the sake of security, Major Gaurav Chaudhary has left the greater part of his life covered up, as per him. He did it to empower the wellbeing of his relatives.

Indeed, even with that, we realize the Prince enchanting of the Indian Army has a sister who has a child by the name Rohan, who Major Gaurav Chaudhary ordinarily discusses on various events.

Major Gaurav Chaudhary got wedded to his better half whose name isn’t on the media space in the year 2019, and from that point forward, they have both been living cheerfully together.

He has a height of 6 feet 7 inches and also weights 70 kilograms.

Net Worth

Major Gaurav Chaudhary is an Indian armed force personnel with an estimated net worth of $500,000 – $1,000,000.

Social Media

  • Instagram: @major_gauravchaudhary
  • Twitter: @majorgauravarya

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