Lady Kaygee Biography | Age | Profile | Pictures

Lady Kaygee Biography | Age | Profile | Pictures

 Lady Kaygee’s bio, facts, real age, before and after pictures and so on all at a glance.

Lady Kaygee whose real name is Kgaugelo Maruma is a Tanzanian socialite who is known for getting the attention of her fans on the various social media platforms with the eye poping photos she shares online.

Even though she is based in South Africa, the curvy and beautiful skin lady has always have the eys of the East Africans glued to her page.

Before and after pictures of Lady Kaygee is something one could easily noticed the change.

The beauty queen who is been compared to Sanchoka in terms of curves, also have more to offer with attention grabbing twerking videos.

lady kaygee picture

Social media profile

Instagram – @ lady_Kyagee

Twitter – @lady_Kaygee

Snapchat – @lady_kaygee

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